There are a lot of benefits that come with buying a newly constructed home. At the same time, there are a lot of decisions that have to be made with this type of purchase that does not apply to resale homes. One of these is the upgrades.

Upgrade Options

When buying in a new build community many of the homes are cook cutter style. However, to add uniqueness to them many builders will offer some options for upgrades. These are also good for convenience and for meeting the wants and needs of the buyers. However, getting caught up in the excitement of the new build purchase can also mean extending the financial situation with upgrades that may not be necessary or practical.

Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen Interior Design

A common area of the home that is often the hub of activity in the kitchen. For this reason upgrades for this section of the new home build will often take priority. Every builder will offer their own upgrades for this section of the home. These can include:

  • Upgraded appliances
  • Countertop materials
  • Choices in cabinets
  • Choices in lighting

Basement Improvements

Some builders may offer the option of a different style of basements such as finished or unfinished or perhaps the size when it comes to space and height.

Additional Plumbing

When buying a new home build most buyers are also thinking about the future and will it accommodate the growth of their family. For this reason, they may want some roughed in improvements like an extra bathroom. The plumbing for this can be installed during the construction. Then in the future, the buyer can complete the project.

Additional Lighting

Another upgrade that many want to consider is extra lighting. Often this can be arranged for when the home is going through the construction phase.

Larger Garage

Another important feature is the garage. Some builders may offer the option for a double garage or an increased size in the one according to the plan. In this case, the new buyer may have to forfeit the size of the living space to accommodate for this.

What Should You Not Forget When Building A New House?



When buying a new build in a community the builder will ensure that all the important components of the home are being offered. When having a new home built on a piece of property this may not apply. It is up to the owner to determine exactly what they want in their new home. When getting caught up in the excitement of the new build it is easy to forget about some of the important things it should possess.

Consider Each of the Rooms One By One

One of the ways to stay organized is to think of the wants and needs for each room, plus the extras. For example:

The Kitchen

What will be important here is plenty of cupboard space as well as counter space. Then energy-efficient appliances, and the type of light. Also what has to be considered is the space for feeding the family. Some individuals insist on a full eat-in kitchen. Others prefer perhaps an island for light meals with a more formal dining area for family meals.

The Bedrooms

Location is going to be something that should be considered here. Where they are located in the floor plans will be important. Some individuals want their bedrooms all on the same level. Making sure they are located away from the hub of the activity of the house will ensure peace and quiet.


This is a big must for any homeowner. Planning for the future when it comes to this is something that needs to be considered. As the family grows there will be more demand for storage.


Here aside from the essentials a lot of new-build owners like to have the extras installed. Such as extra plugs, heated floors, state of the art showers, or specialty bathtubs.

Aside from the interior, there has to be a good thought given to the outdoors as well. This can include water supplies as well as power supplies.

Can You Negotiate Upgrades on New Construction Homes?


Most who are buying a new home build soon discover they are not able to negotiate on the price of the home but there are other savings and benefits that are available. These are through upgrades. With the new build industry being a competitive one it can work to the buyer’s advantage. They can arrange to do some negotiation by way of upgrades. Some areas where there may be room for negotiation are:

Kitchen features: Such as better quality cabinets or additional ones. Or perhaps a change in the materials used for countertops or additional lighting. There may be room for additional upgrades for the appliances.

Plumbing Extras: There may be room to negotiate upgrades for additional plumbing. Maybe an extra bathroom, or at the very least a roughed in the area for one for the future.

Extras: The builder may be open to throwing in some extras like additional windows. Or additional storage space. There may be a way to negotiate for the materials that are used in the general construction of the home. Such as roofing materials, window styles, or siding.

What Adds Most Value To A House?

Even though a new homeowner may be having their house built with the intention of living in it for many years to come they cannot lose sight of potential re-sale value. When adding value to the home it’s for this purpose as well as what is valuable to them for their use. This means keeping in mind what will add to the resale value, this can include:

Updated appliances

Most importantly will be the energy savings that they can offer. In a sense, this can be more important than the features as these are constantly changing with new technology.

A Large Kitchen

This is something that never changes when it comes to the wants and needs of homeowners. It doesn’t matter what the size of the family that will be using the home they always welcome additional storage space.

Finished Basement:

A finished basement means more living space which is a big plus when it comes to adding value to the home.

Open Space:

A good number of those looking at buying homes favour the open space concept. When planning a new home build this is something to consider.

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