When you want a home to sell for the highest price possible in the shortest amount of time, it’s important to focus on the home’s best-selling features. However, what may be important to one buyer may not be important to another buyer.

The Location


The location of the home is extremely important. There are many factors related to the location buyers are looking for. Some of these factors include:

  • School District
  • Nearby highways
  • Nearby grocery stores
  • Short commute to work
  • Friendly community
  • Close to parks and walking trails
  • High-speed internet access
  • Close to hospitals and medical centers

There are many neighbourhoods that are known to be prime neighbourhoods due to their location.

The Outside Property

When you are trying to sell a home, making a great first impression can make a huge difference. This begins with the exterior of the home and its property. A home that has great curb appeal tends to draw in more potential buyers, this especially falls true when potential buyers are looking on sites such as Realtor.ca. There are several factors that potential buyers look for in a property pertaining to the outside. These factors include:

  • The front door
  • Front porch or deck
  • Condition of the exterior of the home
  • Windows
  • Landscaping
  • Well kept yards

Potential buyers often perceive the outside of a home reflects how the homeowners have taken care of the inside of the home. When the outside of a home doesn’t look good, it sets a negative tone for the viewing of the inside of the home.


Believe it or not, garages can be a big selling factor in a home. Many people look for a two-car garage to either house their vehicles or for extra storage space for bulky items. Some people even convert their garages into an extra living space for entertaining. A garage that is well kept and drywalled will be more appealing to potential buyers than an old garage that is unkept and only framed. Automatic door openers are also great additions to a garage. Some homeowners have decorated their garage doors to look like gates to give them that extra special curb appeal.

The Kitchen

kitchen design

The kitchen is the most important room in the home for many potential buyers. Typically the kitchen in a home is the place many families gather for meals. The kitchen, aside from bathrooms, is the most used room in the home. Potential buyers often look for updated kitchens that are bright and inviting. This includes updated cupboards, countertops, flooring, lighting, and appliances. A kitchen that has a lot of counter space and cupboards will appeal to many potential buyers. Many times, when people host parties, people gather in the kitchen. The kitchen should be bright and cheery creating an inviting space for daily living.


Typically potential buyers prefer more than one bathroom in a home, especially if they have a large family. Homes that have 2 or more full bathrooms will sell better. Many people also prefer having an ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom. Some homes only have bathtubs or just showers, a home that has both together will be more appealing to potential buyers. The location of the bathrooms in the home are also a selling feature. People are looking for accessibility and convenience when it comes to bathrooms in the home. Bathrooms should be updated and appealing to potential buyers.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom in a home is typically the largest bedroom in the home. Potential buyers often look at the size and layout of the master bedroom as well as closet space and ensuite bathrooms. Some master bedrooms in large homes are large enough for buyers to have a sitting area and a fireplace.


Homes that are equipped with beautiful finished basements are a huge selling feature. A beautifully finished basement creates additional living space for daily living as well as entertaining. Some basements have additional bedrooms, wet bars, full bathrooms, and walkouts. Basements should be dry and smell fresh, free from moisture and mildew. Some homeowners have added complete basement apartments to their homes for older family members to have their own living quarters or to rent out for extra income.

Storage Space

The amount of storage space in a home could be a great selling feature as well. Potential buyers typically look for large closets, lots of cupboard space, and places to put all their belongings. Large linen closets are a big plus. Attics have great potential for storage. Outdoor sheds are also a great selling feature.

Heating and Cooling System

Air Conditioner

A high-efficiency heating and cooling system in a home are more desirable for potential buyers, as they are not only looking at the purchase price of the home, monthly utility fees are also very important. A home that is energy efficient can be an extremely important selling factor, as many people today are very cognizant about home efficiency. The heating and cooling system should be updated and in good working order.

Structure, Roof, Electrical, and Plumbing

A home can look great from the inside and outside but if it is in need of some major repairs it could be a deterrent for many buyers. The following features of a home should be updated and recent:

  • The roof
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Foundation

These are key areas that can be very expensive to replace in a home.

Windows and Window Coverings

Newer updated windows that are energy efficient are a great selling feature in a home. Including window coverings such as blinds and draperies are also huge savings to potential buyers.

Many potential buyers are looking for turn-key homes that require very little work and expense. They would prefer minor things they may have to change to make it their own such as room colours. When you are selling a home, it is important to make it feel like home to as many potential buyers as possible. Potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves living happily and comfortably in the home.

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