It is common practice for realtors to give closing gifts to their clients. These token gifts are a simple way the realtor thanks the client for their business as well as congratulate them on the next stage of their life.

The best closing gift ideas are those which are practical yet thoughtful and are typically themed around the home.


Many realtors love to get creative when choosing closing gifts for their clients. Quite often the relationship between a realtor and their clients becomes quite close during the planning, staging, and selling a home. Realtors also become very close with their buying agents as they need to know a lot about them in order to find them the perfect property. Perhaps the realtor has noticed something their client has been collecting and chooses to add something to their collection.

Tips On Finding The Perfect Closing Gift

Have something in mind and then ask your clients questions to see if the gift you are thinking of will fit. You can also stalk their social media accounts to see what their big interests are. Presenting your clients with the perfect closing gift will remind them that you are the best choice, local realtor, in the area in the event they may require your services again in the future.

1.Gift Cards

Gift cards are a very practical closing gift. Most people love gift cards as they tend to use them to buy something they normally wouldn’t buy themselves. Prepaid Visa and Prepaid Mastercards are great as they can be used virtually anywhere.

2.Local Garden Center

A gift certificate for a local garden center is also another great idea. Regardless of how much landscaping may be in existence at their new property, most people have favourite plants, shrubs, or flowers they like to add. They can also use the gift certificate to purchase outdoor decor for their yard or garden.

3.Home Improvement Stores

A gift card to a home improvement store is a very practical closing gift. There is always something someone needs to add to their new home. Perhaps the house needs a fresh coat of paint or a new backsplash. Home improvement stores provide endless items that every new homeowner can use in their home including a garden center.

4.Consultation With An Interior Designer

Perhaps the realtor’s client isn’t overly impressed with the interior design of the home and would like to have a professional opinion on how best to design the interior of the home. A consultation with an interior designer would make an amazing closing gift.

5.Local Restaurants

Another great idea for a closing gift would be a gift certificate to a reputable restaurant in the neighbourhood. When people are first moving in, they may not have the time or means to cook and could really use a great meal. Clients can also use this type of gift certificate for a celebratory dinner to celebrate their new home and community.

6.History Of The Town

Many towns throughout Canada have very intriguing histories. Providing your clients with a book on the history of their new town would be a great idea.

7.Framed Map

Along with a book on the history of the town, a realtor could also give their clients a framed map of the town. Many people find historical items very interesting. These items would be a perfect addition to a den or office in the home.

8.Welcome Mat

As a closing gift and to welcome your clients into their new home a welcome mat would be a very appropriate closing gift. They can then continue to use their welcome mat to welcome all their future guests into their home. A welcome mat can also be customized for that extra special wow factor.

9.Smart Technology Gifts

Smart technology items are very high on many people’s lists. A great closing gift could be a smart thermostat, doorbell, Amazon Echo, or Google Home. Remote control transmitters and receivers are also great gifts, especially for operating lamps.

10.Home Decor Items

The list of home decor items available is virtually endless. An observative realtor can focus on home decor items in the home to see what their client’s taste, colour scheme, and home decor items are like. Many websites offer customization on many home decor items such as throw cushions, blankets, signs, and many other items

There are also many other great ideas for closing gifts for both buyer and seller clients. Some of these include:

  • Front Door Wreath
  • Bistro Set
  • Solar Lights
  • Gift Certificate for local entertainment venues
  • Referral to discounted moving companies
  • Fruit basket
  • Chocolates and wine
  • Free passes to local home shows
  • Services Starter packages
  • A luxury item, for example, an IPAD
  • Floral subscription
  • Pool items if they have a pool
  • Outdoor serving items
  • Outdoor fountain
  • Outdoor lounge chairs
  • BBQ
  • A wishing house
  • Good luck horseshoe
  • A bless this home sign or ornament
  • Netflix subscription
  • Robotic Vacuum
  • Gym membership
  • A custom home portrait including clients and their pets
  • Cleaning Service
  • Grass cutting or snow removal service
  • A lawnmower
  • A snowblower
  • Pizza delivery on moving day
  • Signed memorabilia
  • Tickets to a sporting event
  • Gift certificate for exterior Christmas lights installation

A very unique idea that one realtor gave their client was a personalized hardcover book of the home they raised their family in created using Shutterfly.

Gifts From Clients To Realtors

giving apple gift

It is not uncommon for clients to give their agents closing gifts as a thank you for a job well done. If you are thinking of presenting your realtor with a closing gift remember to ask inquisitive questions when speaking with your agent to get a good idea on the closing gift that would best suit them.  Here are some closing gift ideas to give your realtor.

  • Engraved business card case
  • Box of artisanal chocolates
  • A gift card to LCBO or Beer Store
  • A gift certificate for car detailing
  • A gift card to a fancy restaurant
  • A gift certificate for manicure and pedicure
  • A gift certificate to a spa for a massage

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