There are so many things to consider when buying a new home in a subdivision. Most often buyers put the majority of the attention on the home itself, but there are many things to consider about the lot that it is situated on as well.

How To Make The Right Choice of Lot

When looking at a subdivision that is under construction it can be a little overwhelming. For some, it can be hard to visualize what the completed project will look like. Yet, this is important as the home buyer here has to choose which lot that they want.

Checking Out The Neighborhood


It isn’t just the actual lot itself that is going to be important. The neighbourhood as a whole is going to have an effect on the homeowners.

The new buyer should check out the area at different times during the day. This should be done both by driving through the area as well as walking it. When doing so the amenities that are available should be paid attention to.

Public Transportation

For some public transportation is something they are going to rely on. When choosing the lot it should be determined how convenient it will be to access the transportation that may be needed.

What Does The Future Hold?

The new homeowner is going to want to know what changes may be made in the future that could affect the location of their lot. For example, the choice may be for an end lot. However, are there any plans in the works for an extension of the subdivision that could change the lot from being an end one?

Lot Location

Aside from the lot possibly being an end lot there are other things to consider. Such as how close is it to the entrance of the subdivision. This could affect how much traffic volume will have to be put up with by the homeowners whose lot is close to this area.

Maintenance of Lots

Another thing to consider is how much maintenance the lot is going to require. Not only will the size determine this but its location will as well. Corner lots have two sections of sidewalks that will require snow removal.

Traffic Concerns

Lots that are located near T-intersections will be subjected to more traffic. For some homeowners especially those with children, this could be a concern.


In all subdivisions, there will be easements. The home buyer wants to know if any of these will affect the lot they are considering for their new home.

The Lot Size

It is not uncommon for builders in subdivisions to offer different sized lots. Sometimes these are only the corner lots. In other cases, there may be premium lots. The homeowner has to weigh out the extra benefits of these and whether they are worth the increase in price.

What Exposure is the Lot Getting?

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Some people put a lot of emphasis on what sun exposure the lot will get. It is worth giving this some extra thought.

Lots that allow the home to have good southern exposure will enjoy the sun coming from the South in the wintertime which can add extra heat to the home. For those who want the morning sun, they should go for exposure from the East. Afternoon sun lovers will want a Western exposure. One that may be the least favourite is the lots with a northern exposure as ice and snow accumulation takes a lot longer to melt.

The Lot Layout

Some people prefer a flat lot while others like a lot that has some interesting topography to it. Keeping in mind that these types of lots can be a little more difficult to cut the grass on.

Builders will utilize every inch of the property they are building on. In most cases, the lots will all be the same shape but there may be some lots that are not. Here the shape of the lot may be different. Homebuyers have to consider whether this would be an advantage or disadvantage to them. This means considering this for each of the seasons.


In general subdivision, homes are built very close together. An exception to this may be the luxury home subdivisions where the lots are a lot bigger. When choosing a lot it is important to note how close the neighbours will be. Careful observation of all sides should be carried out.

The View

When looking at lots during the construction phase it can be difficult to visualize what the view will be from any given lot. Yet, this is something that may be important later on. There are some lots that will be surrounded by other homes so the view will be limited from all sides. However, there may be lots available on the last street and here there may be an opportunity for a nicer view. Especially if the lot backs onto an area that is not slated for future construction.


When looking at specific lots the buyer needs to know for sure if there are going to be any restrictions on a particular lot that may be different from the others. If there are does this affect the price of the lot or will it create any problems for the new homeowner?

Also, some homeowners like to install fences to cordon off their property. This is something that should be determined prior to make the final decision. Even if it is not a present intention is it something they may want to do in the future?

What Is Best For The Family?

When choosing a lot consider how it will benefit each member of the family. Usually, for families with children, they are the priority. Parents tend to go for lots where there is less traffic to enhance the safety of the children. However, less traffic can also be beneficial for the entire family who wants a quieter area to live in.

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