The way in which real estate agents can now do their marketing and advertising has dramatically changed since the internet came into being. It has opened up many more opportunities but marketing on the internet for realtors also comes with a learning curve.

Adapting to The Change

Statistics show that about 77% of real estate companies use the social media segment of the internet for their marketing. They have several platforms that they can choose for this purpose which includes:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • ActiveRain
  • Tumbler

The Advantages to the Realtor

Final Sale Special

Using social media gives the agent the opportunity to:

  • Generate new leads
  • Promote properties
  • Build their personal brand
  • Broadcast their experience, expertise, and availability
  • Build relationships

Using Social Media Platforms



This platform has become the first choice for realtors to expand their online marketing efforts. It does take some work to set up the proper presence.

  • It starts with setting up a business page. This platform also presents realtors with a lot of competition so it is important that the agent stands out from the rest. The best way to do this is to:
  • Take the time to create a good profile.
  • Add reviews to the page
  • Add complete contact information such as a business address, business telephone, email, and website. Also, business hours should be clearly shown.
  • A professional looking profile photo is important

The Facebook cover comes with different options such as being able to use a photo, video or slideshow. Experimenting with each of these will bring the best results.



Keeping up with current content on the realtor’s page is another step that can set them up for success. Content should have something of value for its readers.

  • Posts can vary in length but should be kept relatively short and could contain information such as:
  • Hints and tips for buying and selling
  • Slideshows or virtual tours of new listing
  • Home staging
  • What to expect from a real estate agent.



LinkedIn should not be overlooked as a powerful marketing platform for generating leads. Data collected from 5,000+ companies showed that this platform was able to create 277% more leads compared to Twitter and Facebook.

  • It starts with setting up a Company page after a business account has been created.
  • Make sure all the pertinent information is filled in and is accurate.
  • Create a compelling bio
  • The banner image should be professional looking and attention-grabbing. The header image should include some import text that showcases the agent and their major achievements
  • Video can be added to the homepage as well as in the follower’s homepage feeds.
  • A proper review should be done on the different types of pages that can be used to provide information. Then the best ones suited for the agent should become the focus.

An effort has to be put into connecting with others.


Instagram Social Network

Instagram has become a popular marketing platform for those in the real estate industry because it is picture orientated. Not only is it great for promoting properties but can also be a great lead generator.

Ideal ways to use Instagram is to:

  • Keep current listings up to date in the profile
  • Use multiple photos of the property for sale including price and the agent’s contact information
  • Videos and virtual tours
  • Using hashtags for locations will draw the appropriate target market.


Twitter Line Power

Twitter sometimes gets overlooked by real estate agents. Some feel not enough information can be put in a tweet to bring them any value. However, this platform can be a goldmine for marketing as now videos, virtual tours, and slideshows can be used. All excellent ways to showcase properties and build personal brands.

Aside from this value for followers can be provided in tweets like creating content such as:

  • Local news
  • Asking questions
  • Providing tips
  • Creating polls
  • Offer contests

To get the right exposure it’s once again important to use hashtags that are relevant just like it is on Instagram. ( They can also be used on Facebook too)

Tweets have to be more than just promoting listings. Engagement is important and this can best be done through a variety of different content.



Using YouTube for real estate marketing appears to be a good choice and one that many agents will gravitate to because it’s a platform where they can put virtual tours to good use. However, to make this marketing platform a real success it has to be comprised of more than just property listings.

The starting process is relatively simple as it requires setting up a google account then set up a YouTube channel.

Branding the channel is important to get exposure and build the credibility that the agent needs. This platform is used for more than just selling properties. It is an excellent resource for the agent to showcase themselves and create leads.

The next step is to upload the videos.



Pinterest is considered to be more than just a social media platform. Some have dubbed this as being a specialized search engine. Either way, it can be a great tool for realtors when used in the proper way.

It begins with setting up a business board. Building the bio here is really important by adding the proper keywords. It is important to read the rules and regs that Pinterest has in place for business otherwise the account can be suspended.



Snapchat can be used to create an immediate impact although it is short-lived. Realtors should have a professional account on this platform. One example in which it can be used is to send out a message to a pending buyer who is sitting on the fence. Or to another prospect that is looking for that something special and the realtor has found it.


ActiveRain is industry orientated and should not be overlooked because its assumed that there is too much competition. Realtors can post good quality information that is going to allow them to stand out in the crowd. It is an excellent way to create personal branding and to start networking.


Tumbler should not be overlooked because when it comes to ease of use it is close to the top of the list. It is also versatile and realtors can create a variety of different content from anything like a simple quote, to a post to a video.


Each of these social media platforms presents its own value to the agent. The approach should be to start with one or two then slowly expand to using the others.

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