Real Estate agents need to have an excellent presence on the internet as it is one of their most major resources for their business. Most will want to have a website but in doing so there are a lot of things to be considered. They need to have the tools to build a site that is going to be impressive and yet easy to maintain. There are many different options for website building to choose from. Some are paid versions while others are free.

List of Best Website Builders For Real Estate Agents


These five are not chosen in priority just for overall performance but based on each of them focuses on specific features that may appeal to the different wants and needs of each realtor.

  • Wix
  • SquareSpace
  • Weebly
  • SITE123
  • DUDA

Standard Website Builders For Real Estate Agents

Realtors can choose to go with standard website builders that will accommodate almost any type of industry.

 Focused Website Builders for Real Estate Agents


Agents require the type of website that is going to let them showcase their business the best way possible. This means being able to use a web platform that is going to have all the components that are needed in this type of site. With this being such a popular industry many companies have created software platforms specifically for realtors within what they have to offer so they can accommodate this industry. They do this by making sure there are specific tools and resources available that would be applicable to this industry.

Wix Website Builder

Wix comes to the mind first as it is a popular name. It is also one that is usually near the top of the review sites for being a favourite.

The Pros:

The strongest features this platform offers for realtors is its ease of use. Most agents are so busy that they don’t have the time or expertise to spend a great deal of time building a website. There are lots of helpful features which mean if the agent is stuck during the building process he can refer to this instead of having to wait for support. A lot of work goes into building a site and a web building platform that has a good backup is valuable. This is also something that Wix offers.

Realtors can go to the real estate section and choose the template they would like to start with and then customize.

The Cons:

The downside to using Wix is that once a template has been used to build the realtor’s site it cannot be switched. This platform has a free version as well as different plans for those who want to build out their site more.


The look of the realtor site is usually what the agent will put a lot of emphasis on.

The Pros:

Squarespace has provided an excellent selection of template designs. Give more chances to personalize without every realtor site looking too similar. The builder is really supportive of images which is important for a property business. Everything needed to build the site is there. No need for third-party applications.

The Cons:

Working with the content can be a little challenging when making edits or adding additional content. Also, there is no free version.


Search Engine Optimization is something that has been prioritized when building these sites. (As it is with any site). Weebly has designed their web building platform to allow the realtor to really focus on SEO without having to do a lot of extra work, or for those who have limited knowledge.

The Pros:

There is a free version although limited but the paid plans are considered to be reasonably priced. Another great feature is the speed and security.

The Cons:

The one weakness that some are concerned with is the content management system. The real estate site can get cluttered quickly. Custom content is difficult to add outside of a page.


It is easy to get caught up in designing a website and it can take many hours. Most realtors don’t want to be spending valuable time at this. Therefore using a web builder that allows for speed is tempting. This is what SITE123 has gained a reputation for.


Quality in web design can be found in all of the templates. It also supports multiple languages. For realtors that are operating in a diversified community, this is a real bonus.


For the free plan, realtors are stuck with ads on their site that have no connection to them but only to the builder platform. For those who want to add some extra code, there is no option for this.

DUDA Website Builder

Real estate websites have specific needs that must be met. One of these is the Internal data exchange. The platform that is offering real estate platforms must offer quality IDX. Duda is known for this. Realtors that are aware of what technical aspects are required for the R.E. site will look for this.


Realtors can build their websites based on their knowledge. It is easy to use for those who want to keep it simple and more complex for those who want to expand by using widgets and other advanced resources.


Although it has a lot of what the realtor needs in a website it is not considered to be a powerful web builder by way of features in comparison to some of the others

It is considered to be expensive with no free plans.


These are five of many but are the most popular when it comes to the real estate industry. This is because they have chosen to focus on the needs of the realtor when it comes to building a website that is going to bring results and be competitive.  Any realtor has the opportunity to build and maintain their own website with any of these resources. It means not have to spend a large amount of money on having these professionally developed. By building the website themselves realtors become familiar with the software and don’t need to rely on anyone else to do their maintenance.

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