Vaughan is a very popular and prestigious area to buy real estate. The following is a list of the ten best and safest neighbourhoods to live in.

 Vaughan Best and Safest Neighbourhoods List

  1. Sonoma Heights – West Side of Vaughan
  2. East Woodbridge – Woodbridge
  3. National Estates – Woodbridge
  4. Kleinburg – Northern Part of Vaughan
  5. MacKenzie Ridge Ambassador Hills – Maple
  6. Weston Downs – Weston
  7. Columbus Trail – Maple
  8. Downtown Woodbridge – Woodbridge
  9. Maple Landing – Maple
  10. Old Maple – Major Mackenzie and Keele

Sonoma Heights – West Side of Vaughan

Sonoma Heights


Sonoma Heights is primarily a young family neighbourhood with a strong community feel. This west side of Vaughan boasts mostly detached homes with some semi-detached and some townhomes. Sonoma Heights is surrounded by several outdoor and indoor activities such as Boyd Conservation Park, Al Paladino Recreation Centre and Sonoma Heights Community Park. There are currently 21 homes for sale in Sonoma Heights with a price range of $789,000 to $1.3 plus million.

East Woodbridge – Woodbridge

East Woodbridge

East Woodbridge community has a great mix of homes ranging from Ultra luxury to detached family homes. This area is full of trees, ravines, beautiful scenery, and many hiking opportunities. The population found here is mostly families and young professionals. There are several homes for sale in East Woodbridge ranging in price from $529, 000 up to $2.7 million.

National Estates – Woodbridge

The National Golf Club of Canada

This prestige gated neighbourhood is located west of highway 400 and is built right around National Golf Club. Some of the most luxurious and expensive homes in Vaughan can be found here. The homes have such character built with unique architecture and structure and have large lots. You will find very wealthy residents here like CEO, developers, and many in top level management. This is a very small community with a limited number of homes, leaving at times very few available for purchase.

Kleinburg – Northern Part of Vaughan


The Kleinburg community is filled with wealthy executives and affluent families. Here you will find many heritage homes that were built in the eighteen hundreds. Only large properties and large lots with detached homes can be found here. It is a very charming and quaint neighborhood located in the northern part of Vaughan west of highway 400.  The McMichael Art Gallery and the Kortright Centre for Conservation can located here. Real Estate prices here are quite high due to the lack of supply and demand and huge lots and homes.

MacKenzie Ridge Ambassador Hills – Maple

MacKenzie Ridge

MacKenzie Ridge Ambassador Hills is located along Dufferin Street in the Northern part of Maple. This community is mostly populated by executives, doctors, lawyers, and high-end professionals etc. This area of Vaughan is quite expensive. There are huge lots and properties with large homes located here. It is full of woods and trails giving it great scenery.

Weston Downs – Weston

Weston Downs

Weston Downs is located west of highway 400 between 73 and Langstaff Road. This is a step up the neighbourhood for people who wish to upgrade, not for first-time buyers. It is a family neighbourhood loaded with entrepreneurs and professionals. There are large lots with detached homes found here. This community is very well maintained. There are several restaurants and great shops available. Real Estate values here are quite high.

Columbus Trail – Maple

Columbus Trail

This is a great value neighbourhood located in the north end of Maple. This community consists of a mix of detached, semi, and townhomes. It is a very family friendly community and close to Canada Wonderland. A wide variety of ages and cultures are located here. The real estate market is very reasonable here compared to the rest of Vaughan.

Downtown Woodbridge – Woodbridge

Woodbridge downtown

Woodbridge is a large suburban community located in Vaughan. Downtown Woodbridge has the largest variance of ages and cultures in Vaughan. It is a very active and historical neighbourhood.  The real estate in this neighbourhood is mostly condos and townhomes. It has the feeling of a quaint little village with shops and great scenery. It is an area of convenience as most places are within walking distance. Many young professionals and empty-nesters and retirees live here.

Maple Landing – Maple

Maple Landing vaughan

Maple Landing is a great area to live in for commuters. It is a central location close to the Maple Go Station. A new subway is also planned for this site. It is also very close to Vaughan Mills Shopping Center and Canada’s Wonderland.  Due to the noise from Canada’s Wonderland, one would be wise to keep this in mind. There is a mix of young professionals and families that live here.

Old Maple – Major Mackenzie and Keele

Keele St & Major MacKenzie Dr

This neighbourhood is located in the Major MacKenzie and Keele area. Old Maple is loaded with heritage homes and historical features. It has such character. However many of the 1950’s homes are being torn down.  These homes are taking on rebuilds and renovations. There is quite a mix of older residents and newcomers. The newcomers are looking mostly for new builds as there are big lots located here.

Vaughan as a Community

The area of Vaughan is a great location; there is a place for everyone here. Many Europeans reside here and are known to take pride in ownership of their homes and properties.  It is a very scenic and city mixed with an urban lifestyle. It has many amenities, schools, and great shopping. There is an abundance of eateries located here to meet the needs of every culture.

It is a great place to raise families as there is so much to do. The quieter areas are spectacular for seniors and professionals.  Young professionals have easy access to downtown Toronto nightlife. There are many quaint shops and cafes throughout the Vaughan area. Vaughan also attracts many tourists by being the home of Canada’s Wonderland. There is also still some farming industry within this great community. Many farmer’s markets and fresh produce stands can be found in and around the Vaughan area.

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