Real estate agents have to be creating new leads on a constant basis. In order to do this there are different tools that they can rely on. There are a variety of tools on the internet that can be used for this which can create some amazing results when they are used to their fullest extent.

Using Social Media Platforms

social media platforms

This is a whole collection of resources that can each be used in their own ways to create good leads for real estate agents.


Facebook is for many the most popular social media platform. For the real estate agent, they have the opportunity to set up a business page. The benefits of Facebook marketing for leads is that it allows for detailed targeting so the right audience can be reached. Specific age groups, demographics, and interests can be targeted. More importantly, is that with the right posting on this platform it allows for the building of relationships with the targeted audience which is so important for lead generation.


Twitter is a social media platform that is often overlooked by real estate agents yet it can be a powerful resource for generating leads in the real estate industry. There are options for making open house announcements targeting a specific area, using images to create interest and for creating engagement. All of these are powerful approaches for creating.


Another great platform that is image-based but still allows for providing good text to boost sales and awareness and to create leads. It also has opportunities to target specific audiences.


Sometimes overlooked but it can be useful for networking and creating leads within the networks.


This one tends to be a favourite of some agents as they are able to showcase their virtual tours along with other types of videos that can be geared towards lead generation.

The Best Way To Use The Social Media Platforms

Using Mobile Phone Social Media

  • Is to focus on local traffic that the real estate agent services.
  • Create a personal approach that focuses on the particular target market that you are gearing your posts towards. For example first time home buyers or empty nesters.
  • Realtors need to stay on top of responding to comments and staying engaged with their followers. This is one the best ways to not only get leads but to nurture them as well.
  • Buying Ad space on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be a cost-effective way for agents to generate leads.

 Other Lead Generating Resources


Aside from social media platforms, there are other opportunities for creating leads within the real estate industry.

A Simple Website

Many realtors have their own websites aside from their broker. This way they can do their independent marketing and focus on lead generation. It provides an opportunity to use a variety of lead generation forms. Along with many other ways to be able to generate content geared towards generating leads.


Videos are a great way of creating leads. There are different platforms where they can be placed. These can be used on various social media sites, as well as the agent’s website. Then there are additional video platforms where they can be used as well.


Creating a blog is going to be necessary for creating an interest to acquire leads. They can be used in social media posts to drive traffic to those blog posts that are focusing on lead generation.

Email Marketing

The next step from the lead generation opt-in forms is to follow up with those who opt-in with email marketing campaigns. This to further the tactics of lead generation. Once the lead has been generated then it has to be nurtured and email marketing is the best way to do this. A good example of this type of marketing is to produce newsletters.


There are different types of software that are specifically geared for generating leads for the real estate industry. It is just one more tool that can be added to the realtor’s toolbox for lead generation.

Taking Advantage of What The Competition Is Doing


Following influencers and seeing what they are doing can provide a lot of valuable information and fresh ideas for creating leads. These professionals are creative and are always testing new tactics. Some examples are:

  • Some are using Facebook Messenger Ads. In this instance where a potential lead clicks on an ad, they have an opportunity to have a live conversation instead of filling out an opt-in form.
  • Other successful realtors are looking at specialty markets. For example, targeting the divorce market. Often in these circumstances, divorced couples may be looking for quick sales of their property.
  • There is an opportunity to use text messaging software rather than going strictly with email campaigns.
  • Finding innovative ways to connect with the realtor’s community is an excellent way to not only build the brand but to generate new leads. One agent hands out leave-behinds for specific occasions. For example, providing pumpkins that homeowners can use as front step décor at Halloween.
  • Other agents have had great success at targeting expired listings that date back a year or more. Focusing on those that have not relisted.

Testing What Works


When generating leads in the real estate industry successful realtors do well if they don’t “put all their eggs in one basket”. Meaning that even if one tactic is working well they should utilize a number of the different tips here. By doing so it gives them the opportunity to determine what is working well and what isn’t. They can then focus on the ones that are producing the leads. While at the same time having more than one tactic in play in case another one starts to dry up.


With there being so many different tools to work with for lead generation it is better to start with a few and see them all the way through. Tracking their progress through proper analyzing it will help to identify which ones are working the best. Learning how to use these resources properly and being consistent with them is going to be the key to success.

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