There are several ways realtors can obtain new listings by using some proven methods.

Tips For A New Real Estate Agent

The realtor business is a great career but can be overwhelming for some when just starting out. There is a lot of information to take in and a lot to learn about the industry. Developing a clientele through leads can be a lot of work, but it truly does pay off in the end. There are different processes involved when looking for buyers and looking for sellers.

Targeting Clients Selling Their Homes


In this instance, a realtor must sell themselves to potential clients so the clients feel they can trust them with the marketing and selling of their homes. Finding the lead for real estate listings takes some time. This is the first step, then the realtor must convince the clients they are the best person for the job. Meeting a client for the first time is almost like a job interview, the clients will ask you many questions such as:

  • Experience and Education
  • The approach in the Buying and Selling Process
  • What Services Are Included
  • What Is The Commission Rate Charged
  • Are You Familiar With The Neighbourhood?
  • How Many Clients Do You Have At This Time?
  • Do You Work Individually Or As Part Of ATeam?
  • Can You Provide A Comparative Market Assessment?
  • How Will You Communicate With Me And Keep Me Informed?
  • Can You Provide References?
  • What Is Your Average Listing Time Frame?
  • Will The Listing Be MLS or Exclusive?

The key to securing a listing is the ability to make the sellers feel comfortable and confident with you. After all, they are entrusting you with the largest investment of their lives.

What A Realtor Should Tell A Potential Client Selling Their Home

A good realtor will be fully prepared when meeting a new client. The realtor should ensure the potential clients know what their experience is and what their success rate is like. The realtor will also come equipped with comparative market assessments, discuss his marketing strategies, inform the potential clients of all commissions and fees involved and provide great tips the potential clients can do to get the best value for their home.

Suggest Staging A Listing

Apartment Room House Residential Designed

Realtors may want to suggest staging to potential sellers. Staging has become very popular in recent years. Staging involves decluttering and depersonalizing a home so potential buyers can imagine themselves living in the home. Staging also presents the home so sellers can maximize the space of the home. Sometimes a realtor will cover the staging costs, or the seller may be responsible for this cost.

Suggest Having A Home Inspection Done Prior To Listing The Property

As many sellers seem to get stressed over presented offers with conditions pertaining to home inspections, it may be a good idea for the realtor to suggest to their client to have their own home inspection done. This is a great preemptive measure to determine if anything major needs to be done to the property before someone brings in their own home inspector. When a realtor suggests this to potential selling clients, it shows the clients how serious the realtor is about doing everything possible to sell their home quickly and for as much money as they can. It also allows potential sellers to deal with serious issues in their homes prior to listing it for sale.

Targeting Clients Buying A Home

If the realtor is fortunate enough to have selling clients who are also looking for a new home, then the realtor benefits from both ends. He has a selling client and a buying client and has the potential of closing both ends of the deal.

Marketing Strategies For Potential Buyers

When a realtor places a for sale sign on a property, this can generate calls from many potential buyers. This is a great marketing strategy. Other ways to generate buyer leads is by placing ads on the Company’s website, on Facebook, Instagram, Buy and Sell Websites, and Potential sellers and buyers may call the realtor after they see how well the realtor markets the properties. Quite often the link will also show other listings the realtor may have, expanding leads for other sales. Many realtors also mail out business Ads selling themselves as a realtor.

Business Cards In Local Businesses

Business Card

Many businesses welcome other business owners and realtors to advertise their services and products in their communities. When community members glance over the business cards it may spark their interest in contacting the realtor as they will feel that realtor knows their community and neighbourhoods very well.

Working As Part Of A Realtor Team

This is one strategy realtors can use for obtaining many leads. Typically the team leader provides team members with leads on listings. The team at times will share the job of holding open houses. Due to the fact the team leader provides the team members with the leads, the team leader then gets a percentage of the sale of the home. However, this can be a great advantage to the team as they will be provided with many leads and if the team works hard they can do a lot of business.


Referrals are one of the best ways to gain new leads. Positive referrals from family members, friends, past clients, and other members in the industry are a great way to obtain leads to potential listings and buyers. When someone is known and trusted they are more apt to entrust their business with that person than a realtor that is unknown to them. It is also a great idea to include customer reviews on a realtor’s website, so other potential clients can read their great experiences. With so many people using online searches and research, it’s always a good idea to put yourself out there in a positive way.

Cold Calling

Calling Phone

This is an older lead finding tactic that some realtors still use. Many realtors have potential buyers looking in a specific neighbourhood, therefore realtors can call homeowners in that area to see if they are interested in selling.

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