Instagram has a lot of different features and they do come with a learning curve. But, it is well worth taking the time to learn these because the return can be well worth the time and effort.

Instagram TV

This is a segment of Instagram that real estate agents can use to their advantage. It is called IGTC for short. What this does is allow a user to create a channel. Then they can take videos while on the go from their phone and immediately upload this video right from their phone. Once done this video will show in the user profile.

This is great for the realtor who has just gotten a new listing and wants to take a short video of the premises and get it on Instagram immediately. Instagram will show these videos to followers of the user.

In order to use this feature, the realtor needs to download IGTV which can be done through their Instagram account.

Virtual Tours

virtual tour

This is a quick and easy way for realtors to be able to create their own virtual tour of a property without having to wait for pro photographers to do this for them. This should not be done in haste but should be properly planned out so the virtual tour presents well.

The Neighborhoods

When an individual is interested in buying a house they are also interested in the neighbourhood where it resides. The realtor can create a tour of the neighbourhood which would work perfectly with the virtual tour of the property itself.

Make Use of the Multi Photo Option

In the real estate business the more images you can show of property the better. With Instagram, you have the opportunity to post several images at once in one posting. This is a great way to show the best features of a property. A collection of these makes it far more interesting than just showing one or two of the property’s best features.

Building Trust

Every realtor has to market themselves. In order to do this, they must show potential clients that they are an expert in this industry. Instagram is a great platform for doing this, but not by using sales pitches. Instead, a savvy realtor will prove their value by being as helpful as possible. A whole series of videos and stories can be created that would be helpful to both buyers and sellers. For example, a short video could be made to help sellers get their home ready for showing. Another one could revolve around tips for buyers.


All of the important information about those who have an account with Instagram is found in their profile. Here Instagram allows for the collection of as many stories as the user wants. The most important in this section is the realtor. Here is where trust is built.

Tagging For The Best Advantages

Instagram relies heavily on tags with respect to who they will show stories to. It is important the realtor uses the right tags. Most importantly is to use the tags to narrow down the geographical area that the realtor services. For example, if the realtor is showcasing a property in Toronto then he wants to tag the property as its location.

Client Integration

A lot of clients have an Instagram account and most will give permission for you to use some of this content if it’s appropriate. It can add a personal touch to the listing. For example, the family using the property to enjoy an outdoor bbq can be beneficial for promoting a family home.


You want to make sure you include testimonies as part of your Instagram content. This is one of the best ways to build trust.

Instagram Ads

Instagram business account holders have the opportunity to run ads or boost their posts.

Learn From Others


Realtor soon discover that they are not the only ones in this industry that are using Instagram. This does mean that there is competition, however, the can be a valuable resource to learn from. Determine who is doing well on this platform then research what they are doing. What tags are they using? What content are they producing the most? What kind of views are they getting? Then once this done the realtor needs to create the same content only better.


Realtors want to keep bringing prospects back to their Instagram. One never knows when a client may be ready to buy or sell. By having additional content besides listings on the Instagram account, it will bring those prospects who might be ready in the near future. One of the ways of being able to do this is by posting weekly features. This could revolve around a tip for the week, or a blurb about the latest real estate news.


Although there are a lot of different forms of content that can be created for Instagram the two important factors are quality and consistency. Posting sporadically on Instagram even if the quality is exceptional is not going to be advantageous.


There are several different social media platforms that can be used, and a realtor should consider more than one. For most though they are relying on Instagram which does take time to build up a presence there. But with persistence this is achievable. By mixing up the different types of content the realtor uses on this platform it will give some insight as to which type is bringing the best results. This means that the realtor must also make use of the analytics that the platform provides so they can follow the performance. It serves no purpose if the agent is producing content that is not bringing results. A proper analysis may also reveal why the content is not working, for example, it may be the quality or it just isn’t interesting enough.

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