Real estate agents rely on how many properties they are able to sell which has to be on a consistent basis if they want to build a strong business that they can rely on financially. This creates two priorities for them.

  • Getting the properties to list
  • Being able to attract buyers

Many realtors do well at generating the leads they need to get the listings but may have more of a struggle in finding the buyers.

Attracting Property Buying Clients

It is all going to come down to developing the proper marketing techniques but fortunately, there are a lot of resources and tools that can be used for this.

Using The Internet

Not only is the internet a valuable resource it is one that provides many different options for being able to attract buyers to a property.

Web Presence

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A realtor needs to have their own website for a variety of different reasons. It is the ideal platform for being able to provide a wealth of information about every property the realtor has listed. It also allows them to build their brand which includes their credibility.

However, having a website is one thing but in order for it to work to the realtors’ advantage, it has to have compelling content. Content that is informative, and will entice visitors to want to know more about a property they may be interested in.


Every real estate agent has to generate as much interest in a property as possible. This can be done through different forms of advertising. This can include making use of google AdWords for advertising but also by setting up an internet data exchange (IDX) on their website.

Facebook Advertising

Although Facebook is a social media platform they do have a business sector. One that every real estate agent should strongly consider. It means no more than having a business page but it can be a valuable resource. It is also an ideal platform for being able to run a business ad with a low budget. It does come with a learning curve.

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

In real estate images are everything. They can be one of the strongest selling tools that a realtor can rely on. There are plenty of tools and resources that an agent can rely on to make sure they are using only the best of images to attract buyers to a property.

Making Use of the Social Media Platforms

There are many different social media platforms that are great resources for finding property buyers. However, these platforms should not be used for hard-sell tactics. Keeping in mind the priority of these platforms is for socializing and for the gathering of information. This is the sector of these platforms that is so important to the real estate agent. Agents who provide helpful information about buying and selling homes on these platforms are able to build their name and credibility. Then when they are used for introducing property they will be more readily accepted.

Using Social Media Platforms Based On Their Merits

Media Social Apps

It is good to use as many of the different social media platforms that are available. However, just using them is not good enough. Using them to their fullest potential is going to get the most interest from buyers. Twitter requires a different approach compared to Facebook for example. Instagram is a great platform for visual presentation. YouTube is great for videos. Realtors with the proper equipment can easily create their own videos and virtual tours that can be placed on almost all of the social media platforms.


Another key to success when using these social media platforms is to engage with its users. Realtors can start groups that are focused on all kinds of property buying tips.

Open Houses

While the internet is a great resource there are many other offline resources that have been successfully relied on in the past by the real estate industry and are just as valuable today. One of these is the open houses. They are a great way to attract potential buyers giving the realtor a chance to use their skills to close a deal. It also helps create interest in the neighbourhood where neighbours may make referrals to friends or family looking to buy in that area.

Getting Known

A realtor has to build their name within the community in which they work. They can do this by becoming involved in the community through a variety of different ways. Such as volunteering or holding charity events.

Keeping In Touch

A mistake that some realtors make is that once they have closed a sale they forget about that client. If they stay in touch periodically it can be a great way to generate some referrals.

Attracting The Right Buyers

An agent may think that any potential buyer is the right buyer. However, there are a lot of property shoppers that are really just window shopping. Although they should not be ignored the most effort when it comes to attracting property buyers is to focus on those that are called “A” buyers. These are qualified buyers who are serious in their property searches.

Professional Open Houses

Some agents have found that holding open houses for other professionals can help them narrow down the potential buyers. Agents visiting these open houses get a clearer picture of what the property is really all about and will focus on this with their buying clients.

RSVP Open Houses

These allow the agent to be able to plan for the open house more effectively. It requires keeping the MLS listing up to date each time an open house is going to be scheduled.


Some realtors may want to offer incentives to entice interest in a sale. Those that are doing this may have to be creative in their offerings.


Every real estate agent has to be aggressive in their marketing tactics if they want to constantly bring in a line up of potential buyers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a buyers or seller’s market constant and consistent efforts need to be applied.

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