When a person decides it’s time to buy a home they are about to embark on an exciting adventure but also one that can come with a lot of challenges. It means having to make a whole lot of decisions. This is true no matter if they are buying a resale home or a new construction build. There is a lot that they will need to know before making any of the decisions that will arise. This is particularly true for those who are going to purchase a new home build.

The Type Of Builder

What will also change the process and circumstances of the new home build purchase is the type of home being built which dictates the specialty of the builder.

The Single Home Build

There are some who decide to purchase their own land and then hire a custom home builder to build the new construction. There are builder’s who specialize in this type of construction.

The SubDivision Build

Another group of building specialists are those who buy up large parcels of land then divide them into lots where individual homes are built then sold.

What Will Be The TimeLine?

Time Work Clock

The answer to this question depends on which type of builder the new homeowner is using.

Custom Home Build

The homebuilder building one home on a lot will usually need between twelve to fourteen months to complete the construction of the home. There can be some variations in this time frame depending on the size of the home. One of the distinct factors that affect the timing in this circumstance is the first step of the homeowner arranging the financing. Then approval of the plans is needed. Along with this, there are several different permits that the builder has to apply for. They need time to source out materials and suppliers as the one home being built may have different demands compared to other homes they are building.

Subdivision Build

The Builds taking place in the subdivision are able to offer a different timeline because the circumstances are different. Normally they will have all of the permits in place prior to the offering of the homes for sale. They will have all of their suppliers and the different professionals on hand to complete the builds quickly.

The Process

For those who want some assurance that the new home will be ready within a quoted timeline they opt to go with the subdivision build. There is a process that takes place for this type of build and its consistency is what allows the builders to be able to give a realistic timeframe for the completion of each of the homes under construction.

When Will The Home Be Move-In Ready?

This will depend on what stage the build is at when the new buyer makes the purchase. It also depends on what the buyer considers as move-in ready. Many of the homes in the subdivision itself may be ready for occupancy but the landscaping and other important factors like the completion of the roads may be a ways off before completion.

Delays In The Completion

No matter whether it is a custom home build or a subdivision build there can be unforeseen circumstances that can affect the timeline of the completion of the build. These are sometimes referred to as “unavoidable delays”. Which can include:

Strikes on behalf of the tradespeople needed to complete the various components of the build

Explosions on the building site

  • While most builders are extremely careful with their build sites there are on rare occasions where accidents can occur that create an explosion. Ones that can be so severe that they do only affect one specific home build but several. As a result this can cause some significant delays for completion.

Flooding or acts of God

  • For the most part in Ontario, at least flooding and inclement weather rarely cause significant delays in the construction process of the new home builds. Fortunately, builders do not have to deal with this too often. But, if they do occur then they can affect the timeline of the completion of the builds.


  • This is another rarity that home builders throughout Canada have to deal with. However, if it were to occur then it would affect the completion dates and would be out of the control of the builders.


  • In the case of pandemics the Covid-19 of 2020 has shown the reality of the impact this can have on new home builds. However, swift action from the Canadian government helped to mitigate some of the potential problems this could have created for this industry. As a result, new home builds have remained stabilized and have not been overtly affected so far by this Pandemic. Some of the concerns that arose that affected the potential timelines of the completed builds dealt with shortages of materials and tradesmen needed for completion. With the concern being that these support industries would be greatly affected by personnel becoming infected with the virus.

Protection From Delays


While some delays are classed an unavoidable new construction home buyers have some protection against delays. This comes under the umbrella of the Tarion Warranty that comes with a new home build. There are specific warranties that come under Tarion that are pertinent to delayed closings. That will in some cases allow for compensation. There are rules and regulations that builders must follow when it comes to delayed closing and delayed occupancies. In regards to compensation, the buyer being affected needs to make themselves aware of the Tarion provisions and what is required.


Most reputable builders are pretty close to the timeline that they give their clients. However, it is up to the new buyer to keep track of how the progress is going. If the timeline is not close to being followed then it may mean some extra stress for the buyer as they will have to make arrangements for accommodations during the extra time it is going to take for the completion.

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