Realtor headshot photos should portray confidence, professionalism, and trustworthiness. That is why it is important to have a professional do the photos. Here are some tips for the best headshot photos. 

Headshot Photos

Woman Portrait Face

Photo Background

The background in your photo can make a big difference in how your headshot photo will look however there are several backgrounds that can be used. The most common and effective background used is a plain white background. Utilizing a plain white background does not allow any distractions for the viewing to get a good look at your face. However, some realtors like to use theme backgrounds such as city backgrounds or rural backgrounds. When choosing these types of backgrounds make sure they are blurred so as to not cause a distraction from your headshot photo. Your face is the first thing that draws the viewer’s eye, not the background. 


When you smile for your headshot photo, you appear to be a happy individual who would be easy to work with. Realtors who look happy in their headshot photos also appear to be more trustworthy, more likable, and more influential than those who don’t smile for their headshot photos. 

Clothing and Accessory Selection

You always want to dress for success in a headshot photo. This will portray your professionalism. Choose clothing that is crisp, clean, and neutral. Again, you want the viewer to notice your face first, so wearing something outlandish could be a deterrent. Don’t wear black as many people associate black with funerals or death.  If using a white background, don’t wear white, wear something that will provide contrast with the background. Keep your clothing selection plain and clean. Bold designs and patterns will take attention away from your face. Great colour choices for clothing are navy, charcoal, and gray. Always make sure your clothes fit well, you don’t want to look sloppy or like you squeezed yourself into a size too small. If you wear jewellery or add accessories, ensure they don’t overpower your face.


Wearing makeup is okay but don’t overdo it. You want to look as natural as possible. If you look overdone people may be intimidated by you. However, women that wear subtle makeup appear to be more confident, trustworthy, likable, and competent. Remember for men that may apply makeup for the photoshoot, it should never be noticeable in the photo. 


It is a wise idea to visit a hair salon or barbershop to have your hair professionally done for your headshot photo. Many women plan their wardrobe, makeup, and clothing selection in advance of the photoshoot. Hair should be neat, stylish, and suit your face. Men’s hair should be smartly trimmed and neat in appearance. Don’t use any funky hair colours prior to having your headshot photo taken. 

Angle of Face

The angle of your face during the headshot photo can make a difference in portraying your confidence and professionalism. Always tilt your chin and push your face forward a bit. This angle will also help hide a double chin if you have one. 


Another great headshot photo technique is slightly squinting your eyes. This will make you look more confident and less fearful. Slightly squinting your eyes will also make you look more influential. 

Be Relaxed

You need to be as relaxed as possible for your photoshoot. When you are relaxed you look a lot more natural and confident. 

Other Tips That May Help You Have A Great Headshot Photo

  • Stand or sit up straight
  • Angle one shoulder away from the camera
  • Never use props
  • Stay engaged
  • Never use a selfie shot
  • Get lots of rest the night before
  • Never overuse photo editing 
  • Ask friends and family for their opinion on your headshot photo
  • Update your Headshot photo regularly to keep it current

A realtors headshot is the keystone for a perfect personal branding. 

Business Cards

Business Card realtor

Designing a great business card is a great marketing strategy. If your business card looks organized and professional it will portray the same about you. 

Use A Headshot Or Not

This is a very individual choice, however, choosing to use a headshot may remind clients of who you are. They may not remember your name but they will remember your face. 

Graphic Designer

It might be a good idea to hire a graphic designer to help you design your business cards. This will present a professional-looking business card. As this is their field of work, they can better assist you in designing your business cards to look professional and contain all the pertinent information you need your clients to know. 

Include Pertinent Information

It is important that your business cards contain all the pertinent information your clients will need. This information includes:

  • Personal and Brokerage name
  • Office, cell and fax numbers
  • Email Address
  • Website URL
  • Social Media URL most used

Colours and Font

Choose a font that is large enough and easy to read. Choose between a classy style business card and a basic style. Your business card should look crisp and clean. Use lots of white space so information is easily visible. It may be a good idea to use your website branding concept on your business card to keep everything the same. 

Card Material

Use a sturdy material for your business card, using a cheap paper may portray the wrong image you are trying to establish. A fourteen of fifteen point card stock would be perfect. 

Keep Business Cards Clean and Crumple Free

Never, never hand out a dirty business card or one that has been folded in half or crumpled up. This is a sure way to turn your clients off. They will think that your work will be sloppy and unorganized and will not want to trust you with the largest investment of their lives. 

Business Card Use

Business cards are great for handing out to clients, or potential clients that visit open houses. They are also great to hand out at conventions and business meetings. It is common practice for a realtor to leave a business card when bringing clients through a home. 

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