One of the reasons that so many people opt into becoming a realtor is because they see the success of those that are in this industry. What they may not see is what they have to do to reach that success. Those that do well as real estate agents have created good habits for themselves.

What is Success?

Every agent has their own viewpoint as to what success is going to be for them. It is not a matter of how many houses they sell or how many clients they have. Success encompasses meeting the wants and needs of each realtor. In this industry, success can be broken down into two categories. One is self success and other business success.

Self Success


The self success is what habits the realtor is setting for himself that is going to allow him to stay healthy and active in his work. It includes anything that is personally affecting his brand in the business. These include the following.


It begins with having the confidence of knowing that this is the line of work that they are best suited for. They have to have the characteristic of believing that failure is not an option.

Organization and Planning

A real estate agent will devise a methodical plan for themselves. This will include creating a routine for them to go about their business. Without this, they can become disorganized quickly. If that happens more time is spent on administrative work than the prospective clients.

Objectives and Goals

Most of the realtors know what their needs and wants are. Their needs are to be able to meet their financial obligations. They will have a set figure in mind that they have to generate on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Beyond this, there are the wants. These are the extras that are important to them. It could be to travel or own vacation property. Once the actual wants and needs are identified then attaining the money required to meet these will be the goal.

Burning Out

Real estate agents are always on the go. Even though they may have a full workload at any given time they will still continue lead generation. It can get to the point where the business world is taking over their personal world. Many agents work 12 to 14 hour days and 7 days a week. This pace can only be kept up for so long. The best habit to form here is to know when to quit for the day. Every day has to have a stopping point and realtor must practice this, but making sure it’s a reasonable time for stopping. Not stopping at 11 PM when its time for bed.


Consistency includes being persistent. Erratic work patterns can slow down success dramatically. What this means is that the realtor cannot feverishly work hard for two weeks, then take the next two weeks off. Ideally, a good habit for realtors to get into is having a work schedule.

Using The Right Resources

A successful real estate is one that knows what his tools and resources are and then using them. A big mistake that some make is to use a few tools and only minimally for what they need for the immediate task at hand. They don’t take the time to study the tool and then use it to its fullest capacity. Setting a habit to do this will eliminate that problem.

Business Success


This segment focuses on all the real estate agent’s good habits that focus on the clients. There are several different types of habits that can be formed.

Know The Clients

Agents do much better when they take the time to get to know their clients. Not just that one is a buyer and the other is a seller. Getting to know them means learning what their requirements and expectations are.


Clients want to be kept aware of everything that is going on. The real estate agent must form the habit of making sure this happens. Not giving updates or returning calls and email queries is a bad habit. It can mean the difference as to whether the client would ever refer them

Build Relationships

Agents work closely with each other. When an agent has a good reputation for being good to work with it builds trust. Far more can be accomplished when this environment exists.

Maintaining Integrity

If a real estate agent becomes overburdened with work there is a risk that something is going to suffer in the business. The agent must make it a habit to always be honest and to give his client his best.

Keeping Rejection In a Proper Perspective

No agent is going to close every single property transaction that they are involved in. There will be objections and rejections. How these are handled makes the difference in forming a good habit or a bad habit. A good habit would be to assess the cause of the rejection and learn from this so it doesn’t happen next time. A bad habit would be to become negative towards the client.

Staying On Track

There are lots of things going on in the realtor’s lives. Some of which can cause distractions to the point where it could interfere with the work. For example, there may be some internal issues within the brokerage that is raising some concerns. The realtor can only do his part in this, then go on with his business.

Don’t Let Technology Replace The Agent

With there being so much technology available in the real estate industry it is easy to let it take over. A good habit is to make sure that when dealing with every client that it is personalized for them.

Don’t Stand Still

Chess Metaphor Board

When an agent is going through a good run of new clients it is exciting and also creates an increased workload. Time still has to be taken to nurture leads that are appearing. The run won’t last forever and when it ends the realtor needs something to fall back on.

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