When the time comes to buy a home there are a lot of options available to a buyer along with many decisions to be made. One of these decisions is whether an individual should buy a new home build or an existing home. For those who chose to go with the new home build, they are faced with a whole new set of decisions to be made during the home buying process.

Do I Need To Use A Realtor When Buying A New Home Build?

Meeting Realtors

There is no law that says you have to use a real estate agent for the purchase of your home build. In fact, a lot of people assume that they do not have the option for this or that they simply do not need one. They are prepared to leave all of the legalities and assistance with decision making with the builder, or their representative.

With using a realtor being a choice it means determining why doing so would be beneficial.

Why Should I Use A Real Estate Agent When Buying a Newly Built Home?

It doesn’t matter whether you have previously purchased any type of home or whether this is your first time enjoying this experience. You need to know how the new home buying process works so you have reliable information to rely on when making the necessary decisions.

The Home

The actual home is going to be the priority for most. When buying in a new division there are usually several different models to choose from. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of these choices. It is also easy to be enticed to buy one that may be out of the budget range.

How A Realtor Can Help:

If a buyer has a realtor with them from the very beginning of looking at these new homes, these professionals can help to keep them on track and remain realistic. They have the expertise to be able to point out the value of the added benefits that come with each home option. The buyer can then realistically weigh out the pros and cons compared to the added cost.

The Specification Package

Each new home that is being sold, will have a specifications package that applies to it. This will include the details of the build along with the materials that were used.

In addition to this, you will want to know what the add ons are that are used as the enticement for selling the home. Normally these will include major appliances along with heating and cooling systems.

How A Realtor Can Help:

A realtor will be familiar with the specifications and will be able to explain these to the home buyer who may not understand this document. This professional can point out the pros and cons, and determine if negotiations should be made for changes.

The Lot

Just as important as the home itself is the property it sits on. It can be hard to visualize the area if the home is not fully constructed. However, there will be drawings and plans that show what the area should look like upon completion. Here the prospective buyer should pay careful attention to where the home they are interested in is situated. What is traffic going to be like? How close are the homes to each other? What are the benefits of an end lot?

How A Realtor Can Help:

The realtor can point out things that may be easily missed. For example, what surrounds the home? Are there components on that particular parcel of land like fire hydrants, poles, or other utility boxes? If so how will these detract from the value of the property or cause an inconvenience when it comes to landscaping and accessibility?


Contrary to the belief of many there is room for negotiations on a new home build. However, most builders use savvy sales representatives whose priority is to serve the builder, not the buyer.

How A Realtor Can Help?

An experienced real estate agent has the experience and expertise to know what is negotiable when it comes to home builds. They usually familiarize themselves with the builder’s brand and know what they are willing to bend on. Prospective new home buyers may not have this advantage. Negotiations can save a lot of money and really scale up the wants and needs of the home buyer.

The Legalities

As with any purchase, it is important that everything is in writing and that all contracts are written legally.

How A Realtor Can Help?

Although the documents will eventually go to a lawyer for finalization once they are signed they are binding. The signing of the contracts is usually done prior to this. A realtor is familiar with the legalities of a sales contractor. This professional can review the documents prior to signing which could potentially save the buyer a lot of grief.

Getting The Right Answers To Important Questions

Question Mark Knowledge

Buying a new home build is a totally new experience compared to a resale buy. It brings with it some important questions to be asked. The answer to these questions needs to be fully understood. A real estate agent will know whether the answers being given are truthful and what value they hold. Some common questions are:

  • What credibility does the builder have?
  • What warranty are they offering?
  • What modifications and upgrades are available?
  • Can a home inspection be done?
  • What Are the terms of the contract pertaining to a grace period for changing one’s mind about the purchase?

Avoiding Mistakes

One of the biggest and most important roles that a real estate agent takes on is helping the buyer to avoid some common mistakes when it comes to a new home build purchase. Anyone of the common mistakes can be costly and lead to a big disappointment. These can include:

  • Not researching the financing
  • Not understanding the warranties
  • Choosing the wrong upgrades
  • Getting caught up in the hype and buying outside of one’s budget

These are all important aspects when it comes to buying a new home build and it is well worth the small cost that may come with using a realtor for assistance.

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