There are several people today that prefer the challenge of selling their own home.  This can be a fun experience. Private home sales prevent having to pay realtor commission fees.

How Do You Get People To Go To Your Open House?

Social media has become one of the best forms of marketing. When you decide to sell your house privately, this is one of the best ways.


Using Resources

There are some well known social media sites that you can use. Kijiji is an excellent choice for advertising the sale of your home. The ability to reach prospective buyers in various areas is very high. Kijiji has a category specifically for Real estate.

Using Facebook

Facebook is another prominent social media site for active buyers and sellers. Facebook is also a great way to network. You can post publicly or privately. Facebook users can share posts, and this can skyrocket marketing. There are other buy and sell sites that you can post your listings on. Varagesale and Letgo are more of a local site.

Writing Your Ads

Be very descriptive and flourishing when writing your ad. Make sure you highlight the best features of your home. Always ensure you add in your inclusions and exclusions. Have a home evaluation done to make sure you are pricing your home appropriately. Add local amenities and resources. Include the lot size as well as the square footage of your home. Also, state property taxes for your home.


Advertising your open house in prominent and local newspapers can also help in promoting this event. Many communities have a regularly issued newspaper that the locals use for advertising. They also may have a local real estate newspaper. The Toronto Star and The Toronto Sun and The Globe and Mail newspapers also have real estate classified sections.

Post ads in your local Real Estate Offices, supermarkets, laundromats etc.


Lots and lots of signs grab the attention of local traffic.  You can purchase Open House signs at various locations.


It is always a good idea to hold an open house on the weekend. Many people work during the week and are not available to attend open houses.  It is also a good idea to hold your open house for two days as opposed to 1 day. This will open up the availability for more people to come through your home.

Word of mouth spread the news to family and friends. The more people that know about the open house, the better.

How Do Sellers Prepare for an Open House?


Preparing for an open house can be a very stressful job. It may be a good idea to have a home inspector before listing your home. This can help to avoid potential issues that can hurt the sale of your home. It can also provide the opportunity of making any necessary repairs.

First Impressions

Creating an optimum first impression is a must. Having an attractive curb appeal will lure in more potential buyers. Make sure everything is in good repair. You don’t want people coming in and seeing holes in walls, missing trim etc. Your home should be in immaculate condition; cleanliness is very important.  Clean and organize closets, cupboards, and drawers. Keep your colour scheme and decor neutral. Wild, bold colours can deter potential buyers.


Decluttering and depersonalizing can be important. You want potential buyers to view the living space as large as it can be.  Potential buyers also try to imagine their furniture and items in the home. Some people rent storage pods to downsize the amount of furniture in the home.  If you have pets, it is a good idea to have them removed from the home for the open house. Some people have allergies to cats and dogs. While others may be fearful of pets, this will also avoid the possibility of a pet escaping the home.


Eliminate odours before your open house. There is nothing worse than walking into a home and smelling pet urine or rotting food. Avoid using strong air fresheners.  Strong scents can give the wrong impression like you might be trying to cover an odour. Many people have allergies to strong scents.


Having snacks and beverages can encourage people to stay longer and take a better look around. It can also promote the opportunity to engage in beneficial conversations.

Keep valuables and money out of sight and locked away.

Do Open Houses Help Sell a House?


Open houses can only benefit your homes chance of selling. However, most people looking to buy are working with a real estate agent. They are privy to new listings as they come out on the market. Therefore, strong advertising of your open house is necessary. Open houses tend to attract nosey neighbours.

Word of Mouth

However, word of mouth travels fast. They may have family or friends that may be interested in purchasing in the area. Open Houses can attract passers-by, but may just be curious. Real Estate Agents often attend open houses to see if they have a potential buyer.

First Time Home Buyers

First time home buyers sometimes start out looking at open houses. This can give them a good idea about the neighbourhood. It can also let them see what they can get in certain price ranges.


Sometimes open houses can set the homeowner up for robbery. Thieves may attend open houses to see what valuable items you have.

It has been known that Agents hold open houses for two reasons. One, to make the seller happy and to build their own business.

Not everyone is cut out and is successful to sell their own home. Many For Sale By Owner sellers are not successful. It is more difficult than it looks to sell a home.  There are a lot of steps that need to be taken. There are many things that can go wrong in the process. Many people fall short on negotiation skills and end up selling for less.  Quite often, people try to sell their homes and end up hiring a Real Estate Agent.

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