When selling your house you need to rely on all the right professionals. Included in these and one of the most important will be your real estate agent. Your demands on this professional are going to be different in some ways than what they would as a buyer.

How Do I Choose a Realtor to Sell?

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The best way to choose a realtor is to do your research and know what your options are. When making your decision make sure it is based on your findings. Those concerning the specific real estate agent compared to the broker itself.

The Broker: This is the real estate agency that the realtor will be working for. All too often people make their choices based on the popularity of the real estate brand name as opposed to the actual real estate agent that will be representing them. The credibility of the broker is important but it shouldn’t be the priority.

The Agent: This is the individual that is going to be hands-on with the selling of your home.

Distinguishing between the two is important so that you as the home seller know who is going to take on the responsibilities.

Next Step

The next important step for choosing a realtor is being able to interview them. This has to be done in such a manner that their responses to questions will provide you with some valuable information. The type of information that is going to allow you to make an informed decision. The best way to approach this is with the use of a checklist. This way nothing is missed and the interview is well organized.

Realtor Interview Checklist:


What are Your Credentials as a Real Estate Agent?

This is the first question that should be asked. You as a real estate client need to know that you are dealing with an individual that is properly licenced to act as an agent on your behalf. They should have no problems actually showing you these credentials.

What is Your Experience as A Selling Agent?

Most agents will have experience in both buying and selling. However, an agent may prefer one over the others. As a seller, you want an agent that is keen on selling as this is where you will expect them to excel. There is more work involved for the selling agent.

Does the Agent Have any Marketing Materials as a Selling Agent?

Most real estate agents are allowed to produce their own marketing materials to promote their services. This may include a website. How much they have and the quality will be a good indicator as to how committed they are as a real estate agent. It will also give the home seller the opportunity to judge the marketing material. This is going to be important when it comes to marketing the seller’s home.

Is the Realtor Providing Real Estate Services Full or Part-Time

There are a lot of agents that have taken on this profession as a second job. There is nothing wrong with this but is the seller going to get the attention they need. Selling a home can be a full-time job. Sellers want their agents to be available when potential buyers are showing an interest.

How Well Does the Realtor Know the Area?

This is important because the realtor has to develop a sales pitch not only for the home itself but the area. If they are not familiar with the region then they are going to be weak at this. Home buyers put a lot of emphasis on the area they are thinking of moving into.

How Active Has the Agent Been in the Last Six Months?

This is another indicator as to how passionate the real estate agent is for their profession. If they have had a pretty good track record for sales in the last six months then this is a strong indicator that the realtor is focused.

How Long Has the Agent Been with the Current Broker?

This question shows how stable the agent may be in their work environment. It may also fit in with the last six months activities. There are lots of reasons that agents will change brokers. When they make the change, there can be a transition period of them.

Does the Realtor Take Any Courses or Do They Hold Any Professional Memberships?

Every industry goes through changes and this includes the real estate industry. It is important to know that the realtor selling the house is relying on the latest technology. Also, if they are members of any associations this shows they are keenly interested in their profession.

What Methods of Contact is There Between Clients and the Realtors?

There should be some choices for communication between the seller real estate agent and the home seller. At the very least, the realtor should be willing to give clients their cell phone number. Another option should be through email communications.

What Marketing Materials Will The Realtor Create for the Specific Home?

Real Estate agents have a lot of resources at their disposal. Knowing that they are going to put the time and effort into creating quality marketing materials is important for the home seller. Also knowing what advertising is going to be done is also important. The MLS listing will be a given but is the agent able and willing to create an online presence for the home selling.

How May Open Houses will the Agent Be Holding

Open houses are very important in expediting the sale of a home. The home seller wants to know that the agent has a positive approach to this. If they are not willing to take the time to hold open houses this should be a concern to the home seller.

What Criteria Will the Agent Use for Suggesting the Sale Price?

Perhaps this is one of the most important questions. This will show the realtor’s experience and what resources they are making use of.

What Questions Do They Have for You as the Seller?

The realtor should have a long list of questions for the seller. This is the only way that they can familiarize themselves with the property they are going to be listing.

Depending on the answers to these questions they may create more questions which the home seller should not hesitate to ask.

An Example of a Home Seller’s Realtor Interview Checklist.




Realtors credentials as a R.E. Agent
Experience as a selling agent
Marketing Materials Agent has created
Full or part-time agent
Agents knowledge of the area
Performance in the last six months
How long agent has been with broker
Additional training and memberships
Communication methods
Materials that will be created for the home selling
Number of open houses to be expected
Metrics used for arriving at the sale price.


This check sheet for the home seller interviewing the selling realtor can be a valuable tool. The only way to find the right realtor is by being aware of what they have to offer. This can only be determined by implementing proper interview techniques.

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