Taunton North

There are a lot of great neighbourhoods to choose from within Whitby. Overall this is a city that enjoys a lower crime rate compared to many other cities. When it comes to Taunton North it is considered to be a great neighbourhood when it comes to safety. It holds a rating for having an 8% lower crime rate compared to the other neighbourhoods within this city. There are plenty of other good aspects of raising a family here or retiring in this community. It has an A+ rating for both amenities and employment. With there being so many great amenities to enjoy it makes the safety features of this neighbourhood all the more important.


Anyone that is raising a family is going to want them to be in a neighbourhood that is considered safe. This is something that can be counted on for Brooklin, Whitby. It has a 55% lower crime rate than the national average. Plus, it has an 18% lower crime rate compared to other neighbourhoods in Whitby. Aside from enjoying great safety features families here will be impressed with the A+ school systems. The schools here have a 18% higher school test scores compared to the Canadian average.


This is a neighbourhood that has a very high score for livability. It is rated at 84 out of 100. Part of what makes up this score in the A+ rating for lower crime. It possesses an 8% lower crime rate compared to other regions in Whitby. It also has an A+ rating for amenities and employment. These are important as they can be enjoyed to their fullest extent without having to be overly concerned about safety in regards to crime. Something else residents enjoy here is the excellent schools.

Rolling Acres

This is a neighbourhood in Whitby that is comprised of some wonderful choices in homes as well as it possesses some great green space by way of parks. It is also an area that can be counted on for safe living.  It has a 49% lower crime rate compared to the national average. Then it also has a 6% lower crime rate compared to other areas within Whitby. All of these ratings give the homeowners a great sense of security knowing they have chosen a safe neighbourhood for their families.

Lynde Creek

Lynde Creek is another neighbourhood in Whitby that the residents can enjoy for its low crime rate. It is 42% lower than the national average. Having a safe neighbourhood such as this allows those who live here to enjoy all the amenities that are here in a much more pleasant manner. Residents can enjoy the comforts of their homes and not be overly concerned about crime. The same applies to their outdoor activities within this region.

Pringle Creek

This is a neighbourhood that is situated right in the center of Whitby that makes accessing everything that this region has to offer easy. The neighbourhood itself is family orientated with a lot of emphasis being putting on the great school systems here. Just as important are the safety factors that make this a safe neighbourhood. This means knowing that residents here can enjoy a low crime rate which consists of being 44% lower than the national crime average. Overall Pringle Creek has an 83 livability rating which includes the amenities and low crime rate getting an A+ rating. For those who are looking for a neighbourhood that is going to meet all the wants and needs of the family, this is a great choice.

Downtown Whitby

Although there are many neighbourhoods to choose from when wanting to move to Whitby the downtown Whitby option should not be overlooked. Whitby is a busy city and enjoys a crime rate that is 29% of the national average. There are lots of great options for homeowners here that want to rent or buy. For parents who want the best educational opportunities for their youngsters, they will find it here in this neighbourhood. The schools have an 18% higher school scores test rating compared to the Canadian average.

Rolling Acres

Those who decide to take up residence in this neighbourhood of Whity will enjoy a lower crime rate compared to other neighbourhoods in this area. It has a 6% less crime rate for this comparison. It also is a neighborhood that has a high livability score at 83 out of 100 score. It has received an A+ rating for amenities, crime and schools along with an A rating for employment. It is a neighbourhood that boasts of many features that every family wants to rely on.

Blue Grass Meadows

Blue Grass Meadows has a very impressive score of 80 out of 100 for livability. Part of what contributes to this is the low crime rate which has been awarded an A+. It further boasts of a 43% less crime rate compared to the national average. It is a great community for raising a family in or for becoming a first-time homeowner. It is also suited for seniors and retirees who want to rely on a safe living environment

Port Whitby

For those who are looking for the best neighbourhood in Whitby then they need to take a look at Port Whitby. It has a score of 88 out of 100 for livability. Making it the number one neighbourhood for this in Whitby. It holds the impressive spot of 131 on the list for the same for the province of Ontario. Included in everything this neighbourhood has to offer is its low crime rate which is 40% less than the national average. There is nothing lacking in this neighbourhood when it comes to offering the best in lifestyles.

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