Runnymede – Bloor West Village

This is a neighbourhood that is policed by Toronto Police Division 11. Residents and businesses here have focused on making this area safe for those that live or visit here. In 1970 a group of business owners in this neighbourhood banded together to form a BIA. To scale up the area to make it more attractive and increase business as well as promote safety they took a variety of different actions. This included putting in additional lighting in the business sector of the neighbourhood. Some statistics give this neighbourhood a safety rating of 95%.

Mount Pleasant East

Mount Pleasant East also includes a section of Davisville The neighbourhood is made up of young families that have moved into the areas because of its safety for raising a family and what it has to offer. It is well known for its low crime rate where it has received a safety rating of 98.6. It is currently going through some construction changes for the betterment of the community. It has many great features such as excellent health services within the vicinity. For safe shopping, there are many boutique shops for the convenience of those who live, work and visit here.

Forest Hill South

This is an upscale neighbourhood where those that are affluent have chosen to raise their families. One of the crimes that many people worry about is assaults. In this area it has been reported that it has the lowest crime rate for this type of crime rate compared to any of the other neighbourhoods in Toronto. It is an area that has a quiet atmosphere but provides plenty of activities for its residents. It is known for its excellent educational systems. Residents here feel confident about the safety of their environment.


The Danforth area overall may have a higher rating when it comes to safety compared to some of the other neighbourhoods in Toronto. However, it is a heavily populated area that has a large business sector. It is highly rated for its shopping amenities and this has enticed shop owners to scale up their security features to create a safe shopping and living environment for the community. It is a tight-knit neighbourhood where neighbours become friends.

Lawrence Park North

Lawrence Park North has been given a safety rating of 87.1 overall. It is considered to be a healthy neighbourhood to reside in as well as it is known to be the choice for the weather. It has grade A schools, top-quality homes and residents here enjoy the many amenities that are readily available to them. Transit is convenient and most feel safe and comfortable both in their homes and when out and about.

Player Estates -Danforth

This is a neighbourhood that has the borders of Danforth and North Riverdale. It is known for providing homes that offer great views overlooking the Don Valley. When it comes to safety it has been given an 84.6% rating by some. It is close to Riverdale Park as well as easy access to many boutique stores that all offer a safe shopping environment. For those who are keen on close-by health care facilities, this neighbourhood does not disappoint them.

Leaside -Bennington

For those who are intent on locating their family to a safe and secure neighbourhood, this one is ofter on the top of the list for choices. It has a safety rating of 84.3%. It is close to some well-known amenities like the Science Center, Sky Zone and Evergreen Brick Works. All of which are favourites of the younger family members. Because of the high safety rating, parents feel safe in letting their kids attend these events.

Rosedale-Moor Park

It is the 53 Division of the Toronto Police that takes care of the crime in this neighbourhood. They have a low rate of break-ins and auto thefts which are two common types of crimes that some residents may be concerned about. This area was once an estate and was named after the wild roses that grew here. Today it has become an affluent neighbourhood where everyone looks out for one another. There are many parks within this community that are well kept. It is also surrounded by several prominent ravines. It is a great place to raise a family not only for its safety but for the amenities that make it so convenient.

Yonge-St. Clair

This neighbourhood has been given a ranking of 90.7% for its safety. It is the neighbourhood for many upscale condo livers. There are a lot of high rises to be found here and most of these have state-of-the-art security features which is a crime deterrent. It is also an area where there are multiples forms of public transit which makes it a busy place and has increased additional security measures that come with transit locations. Those who have chosen this as their neighbourhood are also impressed with the calibre of schools here and their safety stats.

Bridle-Path Sunnybrook-Yorkmills

This is an upscale area that was highly recognized for some of the celebrities that made Toronto their home and particularly in this area. Well known names such as Drake and Prince. One may think that because of this it would become a target area for crime. Just the opposite has occurred as the area is known to be one of the safest in Toronto. Some have given this an 82% safety rating. The crime rate is important for this area because it boasts of a great deal of green space and parks which means people are outdoors a great deal more and safety becomes an even higher priority.

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