There are a lot of great advantages for residents living in Westbrook. To begin with, the crime rate for this neighbourhood is 12% lower compared to the other regions in the city. Overall it has a lower rate of 64% for the national crime average. This neighbourhood has received a lot of A+ ratings such as for amenities, crime and employment. When it comes to the school systems serving the neighbourhood they have received an A. The neighbourhood has received a 79 score for overall livability.

Rouge Woods

This is a great family neighbourhood but also one that is suited for retirees. It provides a lifestyle that offers everything that homeowners want and expect. When it comes to safety this area deals with 1% less crime compared to the other neighbourhoods throughout Richmond Hill. In comparison to the national average, it is 59% lower. It is rated at A+ for safety in relation to crimes.  Another comparable feature to the other neighbourhoods is that the cost of living in this community is 5% lower.


When it comes to a neighbourhood holding an A+ rating this area falls into four different categories for this. These are amenities, crime rate, employment and schools. All of these are contributors to allowing the area to be safe for living and enjoying a pleasant lifestyle. Although the crime rate is 11% higher compared to the other neighbourhoods within the city, Richmond Hill overall is considered to be a safe place to live. Bevonsleigh has a crime rate of less than 54% of the national average. One of the other advantages to living here is the cost of real estate is cheaper here than in other areas within the city.


Another great area in Richmond Hill to raise a family based on its safety and all of the features it has to offer families or retirees. It has a 60% lower average crime rate compared to the National average. When it comes to safe and top-quality education this neighbourhood offers some excellent educational facilities that have earned a 30% higher Canadian average. The neighbourhood is also surrounded by other areas that have a safe environment rating such as Liberty Village, and Jefferson.

Bayview Hill

Overall this neighbourhood has an 82 liveability score with the categories of amenities, crime rate, employ employment and schools all receiving an A+. In comparison to the crime rates in other areas of Richmond Hill, this neighbourhood comes in at 60% lower. In comparison to the national average, it boasts of an 83% lower crime rate. All of these ratings and statistics indicate that this is one of the safest places to live in Richmond Hill along with it providing excellent lifestyle opportunities.

North Richvale

The homes that are found here are considered to be more expensive compared to the other areas but are situated on large lots. The original homes are about 25 to 30 years old. It is considered to be a county retreat with all the amenities a big city has to offer. The crime rate is a little higher compared to the other neighbourhoods in Richmond Hill, but it is still 55% lower than the national crime rate. It is also rated as being 41% lower than the rest of Ontario for crime. Overall making this neighbourhood a good choice where safety is a priority.


The chances of becoming a victim of crime in this neighbourhood is 50% lower than the Canadian average. It has a 48% lower crime rate compared to the rest of Ontario. The statistics for crime in Doncrest have not experienced significant changes throughout the years. Safety can also be counted on in the schools as there are some impressive educational institutions for the residents of Doncrest. They have school test scores of 84% which is 35% higher than the Canadian average.


This neighbourhood has the vision of becoming the downtown urban centre for this city. There is a great selection of homes here that are comprised of detached, semis and townhomes. Also, there are some great options for condos. When it comes to safety usually for most the crime rate is what is important. This neighbourhood has a 51% less crime rate compared to the national average but is a little higher compared to other areas within the City of Richmond Hill. Safety is also something that can be enjoyed when it comes to accessing the many amenities that are available to this neighbourhood. In this category like the crime rating, the neighbourhood has received A+s.


This Richmond Hill neighbourhood has received a 78 liveability rating overall. For amenities, schools and crime reduction it has been given A+. Although compared to other neighbourhoods in the city it has a 33% higher crime rate. But, still comes in with a 45% lower crime rate compared to the national average. For kids of school age the school test scores are 30% higher than the Canadian average.

South Richvale

This is a neighbourhood that has been given a lot of A+ scores for what is important to homeowners wanting to provide a great lifestyle for their families. Those categories receiving this rating are amenities, crime rate, employment and schools. The area where the neighbourhood does fall short is the cost of living applicable to this area. When it comes to crime rates and wanting a neighbourhood that is on the low end of the scale for the city this is it. It has a 45% lower average compared to the rest of the city. It is 77% lower than the national average. What this includes is good safety not only for within the homes, but when using the great amenities and for the kids attending schools. These are all factors that are considered when it comes to gathering information about crime rates.

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