Many first time home buyers are on the lookout for neighbourhoods that fit into the category of being affordable. Lakeview is one of these yet offers this with no compromise in safety or convenience. This a community that resides in Oshawa and does have a higher crime rate compared to other neighborhoods within the same city. However, the lower crime rate here is still rated at an A+. Also, it is 25% lower than the national crime rate. The area is also well scored for its amenities. All of this along with the great selection of styles of homes provides a great neighbourhood for the family who want to reside in a great environment.


This is a neighborhood located in Oshawa, Ont. That has a very impressive livability rating score of 82. It has received A+s in amenities, crime, employment and schools. It is also well-rated for the calibre and choices of homes in this area. It has a 54% lower crime rate compared to the national average. Besides enjoying a safe environment the neighbourhood is well recognized for its employment opportunities and the many amenities that are enjoyed here by the residents.

Downtown Oshawa

For those who thrive on living in the hub of a busy vibrant city then Downtown Oshawa may be their best choice. As it has all the amenities that big city living offers yet still has an urban feel to it. It has a 25% lower crime rate compared to the national statistics and for this is receiving an A+ rating. Not everyone wants to reside in a robust area but this region really does have a lot to offer its residents and businesses. There is plenty of space for relaxation as well as enjoying all of the activities that can be found here.


There are a lot of qualities about this neighborhood that are enticements for those who want to raise a family in a safe environment. The real estate prices are 13% lower than the Oshawa average. This combined with the 40% less crime rate compared to the national average is something else that is much appreciated by its residents. This includes different types of crimes such as violent crime as well as property crimes. Children can play safely in this neighborhood while adults can enjoy all the amenities in the same manner.


For a neighborhood that has it all then Samac in Oshawa should be considered. This is a great area for raising a family or for seniors that want a clean, quiet and safe neighbourhood to retire in. It has a 13% lower crime rate compared to the rest of Oshawa. Overall it has an 81 score for liveability. This is based on great amenities and employment as well as excellent schools. Those that live here can enjoy all that Oshawa has to offer without sacrificing anything because of its impressive livability score.


Beaton has an overall livability score of 79. This has allowed it to receive A+ ratings for amenities and crime. It is a well known and established neighbourhood community that makes up part of Oshawa. It has a 12% lower crime rate compared to many of the other neighborhoods that make up this city. Other perks that are enjoyed about this area is that the real estate prices are about 39% lower than others in the region. It is surrounded by other neighbourhoods and areas that are also receiving an excellent low crime rating.


For those that want to enjoy what Oshawa has to offer they will want to consider the best neighborhoods with low crime ratings. Within this category falls the neighbourhood of Windfields. It is an area that not only has an A+ for low crimes it also has a livability score of 76. It has great amenities as well as a good rating for housing along with top n otch schools. The same applies to employment that has received an A rating. This is a great place for many residents to enjoy quality lifestyles without having to worry about safety.


This is an average-sized community with a current population of about 4,664 individuals. It has a 76 score for livability that takes into account Z+ ratings for amenities and crime. It has a 35% lower crime rate compared to other areas in Oshawa. The neighbourhood holds the #6 spot for livability compared to others in this city. It also holds the 941 spot for the entire province. Overall this neighbourhood possesses some excellent scores in all of the important characteristics for families that want a great neighbourhood to live in.


Overall the city of Oshawa enjoys a low crime rate. This neighbourhood of Northwood possesses a 56% lower rate of crime compared to all of the other areas within the city. It is a neighbourhood that welcomes both renters and residential owners. It has some top-quality amenities that offer a safe environment for those who live or visit here. Housing has a high rating just as the schools do. Those who decide to take up residence here should not be disappointed.


While there are some great neighbourhoods within Oshawa that have some great scores for low crime rates Kendron is near the top of the list. It has a 59% lower average compared to other neighbourhoods within this city. Compared to the national average it holds a score of having 76% less crime rate. These scores give this neighbourhood the category of being a safe environment to live and work in. Overall it has an excellent liveability score of 76 allowing it to take the 8th position for this within the city overall.

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