Port Credit

This is an excellent area in Mississauga to work, live or visit. It is a village on the Lake that offers the best of what nature has to offer. It is also a wonderful locale for shopping as it is supported by an impressive BIA. Port Credit is a neighbourhood that has much to offer for those who want a safe environment to live in. In regards to safety, it has been given an A+. It is indicated that the Port Credit crime rates are 2% lower than the average of what Mississauga possesses. It is 43% lower than the national average.


For those who want to live in luxury then this is a great neighbourhood to make a home. The homes are mostly comprised of custom builts. The streets have a country feel to them because of the large number of trees that have been preserved for the neighbourhood. This is a neighbourhood in Mississauga that is enjoying a low crime rate and has received an overall rating of A+. For overall total crime, it is 77% below the national overall. Not only is this neighbourhood considered to be safe it is surrounded by nearby cities and neighbourhoods that have also received an A+ rating.


Although this is considered to be a newer community it is one where the focus has been on being family-friendly. It boasts of a natural setting but has all the conveniences of big city living. This is another great choice of neighbourhoods located in Mississauga for those who want to reside in a safe environment. It has an A+ rating with a 36% lower rating for overall crime compared to the national average.


This is a great commuter village that offers the very best when it comes to a warm friendly, safe living environment. It is comprised of a selection of homes ranging from detached to semi-detached with many of them being built ten to twenty years ago. It is a neighbourhood where newcomers are made to feel welcome. Another A+ neighbourhood in Mississauga when it comes to safe living. It is 53% lower than the national crime rates. In comparison to overall crime rates in Mississauga. Lisgar is 19% lower.

Lorne Park

This is a neighbourhood that is comprised of mostly homes but they are within close proximity to many top-notch parks and shops. It is surrounded by three excellent waterfront villages. Many of the neighbourhoods throughout Mississauga have been rated as safe places to live and raise a family. Lorne Park is one of them and is near the top of the list for the safest neighbourhoods in this City. It has a 60% on average lower crime rate compared to the rest of Mississauga. For the national average, it is 77% lower.

Central Erin Mills

This neighbourhood makes up the third phase of the master-planned community of Erin Mills. It is a neighbourhood that is great for commuters that want easy access to some of the major highways. It has a 12% less crime rate compared to the rest of Mississauga. It has an A+ rating which makes it a safe place for all walks of life who take up residence here. Compared to the national average it has a 50% lower average.


This is an area of Mississauga that is recognized for its great festivals. It is also a place that is favoured by many that want a vibrant community to take up residence in. It offers comfortable living with easy access to all amenities. For those thinking of moving their family or retiring in Streetsville, they are making a great choice when it comes to overall safety. This neighbourhood boasts of a 40% lower crime rate compared to the national average.


This is an area that is made up of smaller neighbourhoods each providing a great environment to raise a family or retire in. It is close to several well known and well-kept parks. It is a quiet community with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Overall Mississauga is considered to be a safe place to live.  It is one of the neighbourhoods with a 7% lower crime rate than the rest of Mississauga on average. It is rated as an A+ safety neighbourhood. Compared to the national average it is 46% lower.


Once classed as a rural village this area has grown in popularity because of all that it has to offer. It has become an area that is attractive for those with young families. This is another neighbourhood in Mississauga that can be counted on for the provision of safe living for seniors, singles and families. It has less than a 3% overall crime rate compared to the rest of the city.  Then for the national average, it is less than 44%. For overall livability it is rated at 83. The neighbourhood has been given an A+ in the categories for amenities, crime rate, schools and employment. There is a good choice of home styles to choose from which adds to the positives of choosing this neighbourhood to raise a family in.

Sheridon Way

This area has an impressive 26% lower crime rate compared to the rest of Ontario on average. In comparison to the National average, it is 42% lower. Overall it has an A+ rating for safety. It has become a favourite spot for residents to move to that are families or are ready to downsize and retire. Many like the prices of what is available here for living as well as the overall environment and its offering of all the conveniences that provide a good lifestyle. Not only is it a great place for families but for those who are just starting out with the purchase of their first home, or for retirees that want a safe community that has everything they need and want.

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