This is a neighbourhood located in the North East section of Markham, Ontario. When it comes to home styles there are options that range from low-rise condos to stacked or full townhomes, bungalows and detached homes. It is a neighbourhood that is often chosen because of its liveability rating which has a score of 78. This includes the crime rate which has an A+ rating and the neighbourhood has a 50% less crime rate compared to the national average. In addition to the neighbourhood’s great safety scores, it has an A+ for amenities, employment and schools.

Markham Village

For those who like a historic feel to their environment but want to live in a modern community, this area is an ideal choice for those moving to Markham Ontario. It is a well-kept neighbourhood and is enjoyed by many families including retirees. It has a 15% lower crime rate compared to the rest of Markham. It also comes in with a 58% less crime rate compared to the national average. For liveability scores, it has a 79 score and is ranked #8 for this for the city of Markham. It also holds an A+ rating for amenities, employment and schools. Overall it has all of the safety features and all of the conveniences at their best for families that are looking for a great living environment.


This is a neighbourhood that is well known and is very popular in Markham, Ontario. It is chosen as a neighbourhood to raise a family in based on its safety features when it comes to a low crime rate as well as its overall liveability score. This is a score of 79 and the neighbourhood holds the 11th position for this in Markam and the 725th position for overall Ontario. It has an A+ lower crime rating which puts in 52% lower than the national average. Included in the safety features of this neighbourhood are the great schools which have school test scores that are 35% higher than the Canadian average.


There are a lot of conveniences that residents of the Berczy neighbourhood in Markham, Ont. are able to enjoy. It is ideal for commuters and the houses are affordable. All of this makes it a favourite location for families. Plus it is a neighbourhood that has received an A+ rating for lower crime. Compared to the other neighbourhoods Berczy has a 2% lower average for crime. This is a neighbourhood that excels in other areas such as amenities, employment and schools. Every member of the family can enjoy a safe environment when living in this neighbourhood.

Angus Glen

This is a neighbourhood within Markham that has a great crime rate conduction. Compared to other neighbourhoods within this city, it is 41% lower. Also compared to the national average for crime rate it is 71% lower. For overall livability, it has a score of 73. Amenities, crime rate and schools have all received an A+ rating and for employment, it has a B+ rating. Part of these excellent ratings is due to this being a safe and secure neighbourhood to live, play and work.


There are a lot of advantages to becoming a resident in this neighbourhood. The amenities and employment are giving an A+ rating. So is the lower crime rate which is also 50% lower than the national average. In regards to liveability rankings for Markham, this neighbourhood holds the 31st position. There is no shortage of amenities to be enjoyed and there is a good selection of schools.

German Mills

For those who want to live in a community that has a high liveability rate then German Mills in Markham is a great choice. It has an A+ rating for amenities, crime reduction, employment and schools. Compared to the other neighbourhoods in this city, it enjoys a 6% lower crime rate. It is also 54% lower than the national average when it comes to crime. It has received the #1 rank for the best neighbourhood in Markham for overall liveability. Parents will be happy to know that the school test scores for this community are 30% higher than the Canadian average.


This is a neighbourhood in Markham that was established in 1999. The homes here boast of Victorian charm but offer their residents all of the amenities that come with modern living. When it comes to safety the residents can count on a crime rate that is 49% lower than the national average. This means that families can not only enjoy their homes but the abundance of green space and activities that are readily available to those who choose to live here.


This neighbourhood community in Markham, Ont. Holds an impressive overall 82 liveability rate. Part of what contributes to this is the A+ lower crime rating which is scored at 51% the national average. It holds the 10th position for liveability ranking in Markham and the 723 spot for overall Ontario. This is a neighbourhood where there is plenty of green space to be enjoyed. With its great lower crime rating it means that those that live here can feel safe when enjoying both indoor and outdoor amenities.


Buttonville is a well-recognized name due to its airport. It is also a great neighbourhood to raise a family in or retire. It has an impressive low crime rate. It is listed as having a 19% lower crime rate compared to other neighbourhoods in Buttonville. It also is rated as having 60% less crime compared to the national crime rate. For livability, it holds the 7th spot for being the best for Buttonville. There are many beautiful homes to be found here that come in all sizes to accommodate the living needs of all walks of life. While there are lots of great areas to take up residence in, this is one that should be high up on the list to consider.

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