Sheldon Creek

Sheldon Creek is a neighbourhood that is located in Burlington Ontario. It provides a lot of great benefits to those who want to make Burlington their home. One of these is the low crime rate that comes in at less than 57% of the national average. This makes it a great area to raise a family in when it comes to safety as well as is beneficial to seniors as well. Not only has the low crime rate received an A+ rating so has the amenities, employment and schooling that is accessible in this neighbourhood. When an area such as this has a low crime rate it makes it much more secure for the residents and the businesses that are offering the numerous outstanding amenities here.


Palmer is another neighbourhood in Burlington that should be considered by those who want to live in a safe environment and one that has a lot of benefits to it. It has an overall livability rating of 84 which is considered to be exceptional. This neighbourhood is ranked as #3 for livability in Burlington and holds the #300 spot for Ontario. When it comes to the school test scores the schools serving this area have a 19% higher average compared to the overall Canadian average. The high school grad rates are also 9% higher than the Canadian average. Living in a safe setting with great amenities and good schools is what can be expected by those that move into this neighbourhood.

Tansley Woods

This is a neighbourhood that is located in the central section of Burlington. It is a small community but one that has some great assets. It is an excellent environment to raise a family in. Most families set their priorities on moving to a safe community. Tansley Woods comes into this category boasting a crime rate that is 52% lower than the Canadian average. This score has helped to push this community into a livability score of 82. In addition to the lower crime rating receiving an A+ so has the amenities and employment. This is a safe and thriving community that has something to offer every family member.

The Orchard

This is a warm and welcoming neighbourhood that has become a community where everyone looks out for one another. It has a 67% lower crime rate compared to the national average. Compared to other neighbourhoods in Burlington, it also has a 17% lower crime rate. This makes this neighbourhood one of the safest ones to reside in within this city. It has an impressive 84 score for liveability which gives A+ ratings to amenities, lower crime rate, employment and schools. There is nothing missing from this neighbourhood when it comes to providing everything a family wants and needs for their chosen lifestyle.


The neighbourhood of Freeman is fondly referred to as the Freeman Village. It is the ideal location for retiring or raising a family and is great for commuters. For those who want a safe environment to reside in, they can count on this community for this. It holds a score of 52% less total crime compared to the national average. For overall livability, it ranks 84 out of 100. For this Freeman holds the 3rd spot for the city and the 331 spot for all of Ontario. Not only is safety something that can be enjoyed here but also its great amenities and impressive school systems.

Headon Forest

Overall Burlington enjoys a lower crime rate compared to other cities. It is also a city that offers some excellent neighbourhoods for those who want to live in this area. Headon Forest is one of them and it has a 7% lower crime rate compared to other neighbourhoods within Burlington. When it comes to the national average for crime it has a 63% lower crime rate compared to the national average. Another thing about this neighbourhood is that it has a livability rate of 83. This puts it in the 6th position for neighbourhoods in Burlington when it comes to the best livability scores. It has been given several A+ scores that include amenities, and lower crime. Then an A-minus for employment and housing. Schools in the area have been given an A score. All of these are attributes that can be enjoyed in a safe environment.


This is another neighbourhood residing in Burlington that enjoys a lower crime rate. Compared to the national average it is 57% lower in crime. Overall it has an impressive livability score of 83 out of 100. It provides exceptional amenities and viable employment opportunities. When it comes to housing it has been given a B score For parents then can count on outstanding schools that have been given an A rating. This is a safe neighbourhood for all walks of life to take up residence in.


This is a vibrant neighbourhood that is home to both businesses and residences. All of which are able to enjoy a safe environment. This is an area that provides all that city living has to offer with an urban feel. This neighbourhood can depend on a lower crime rate which is 52% less than the national average. This is important for those who want to be able to enjoy everything this neighbourhood has to offer such as A+ amenities, great housing options and a good school system. For those wishing to make Burlington their next home, this neighbourhood is one that should be strongly considered.

Alton Village

This is a neighbourhood in Burlington that is becoming a favourite for young families. There are good choices in home styles and lots to enjoy in the outdoor setting. Families can count on enjoying a low crime rate which is 68% lower than the national average when it comes to overall crime. This includes violent crime as well as property crime. Then when it comes to livability this area holds a score of 81 which is an accumulation of A+ ratings for amenities as well as the lower crime rate. Employment and housing also have good ratings. It is a community that provides everything that a family desires.


Those who take up residence here can expect to enjoy an excellent lifestyle. There are ranch style bungalows that make up part of the housing options as well as large spacious lots. It is the ideal Burlington neighbourhood for the larger families. They can also feel secure with a crime rating that is 83% lower than the national average. When it comes to livability it has a score of 81 which puts it into the 11th position for neighbourhoods in Burlington for this category.

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