Bayview North East

Anyone moving to the city of Aurora is going to enjoy a lower crime rate compared to some of the other cities in Ontario. For those moving to Bayview Northeast, they will enjoy everything that it has to offer. It also has a 61% less crime rate compared to the national average. Something else that can be enjoyed here is the great amenities. These are even more enjoyable because of the safe environment in which they are offered. Aurora is a great choice for raising a family and offers a lot of great options when it comes to safe neighbourhoods in all parts of its region.

Aurora Village

This is a great neighbourhood to take up residence in for those who want a safe environment to retire in or raise a family. It has a 56% less crime rate compared to the national average. It has been given an A+ rating. . It has also been given the same rating for amenities and employment as well as the schools that are located here. With its great choice of homes and a large range of amenities, it is a good choice for those who want comfortable and safe living.

Bayview Wellington

For those who wish to live in this neighbourhood, they will enjoy a 55% less crime rate compared to the national average. . This is a pretty neighbourhood and one that both families and retirees can enjoy. It has been given an A+ for its amenities, low crime rate and employment. It provides easy access to everything that Aurora has to offer. There are also great schools for the kids that want a good education close to home.

Rural Aurora

While there are many great neighbourhoods to enjoy in Aurora, Ontario this is one that has a 7% lower crime rate compared to other areas within the city. It has an overall score of 77 for livability. This includes a rating of A+ for employment, amenities, and a B+ for schools. Compared to the national crime rate Rural Aurora is 64% less in overall crime. Those living here can enjoy many of the beautiful homes that are ideal for all sizes of families or for those who are retiring and want to downsize.

Aurora Grove

Although Aurora has a great lower crime rate overall, Aurora Grove has a 5% fewer crime rating compared to the other neighbourhoods in this city. This means the A+ amenities that are to be found here can be enjoyed in a safe environment. When it comes to the schools they too possess a safe environment and have been given a rating of A+. The same applies to employment. Overall this neighbourhood has earned a score of 75 for overall liveability.

Aurora Heights

This is a neighborhood that is experiencing a 55% reduction in crime rate compared to the national average. It is an area that has a variety of safety measures in place when it comes to family living. The families have safe places like parks to enjoy the outdoors in. Traffic is reduced providing greater safety features with the crescents and cul-de-sacs being the streets that many houses have been built within. With the type of overall safety, residents enjoy here this is extended to the business sector as well.

Aurora Highlands

A reduction of crime and safety is something that makes up the liveability of a neighbourhood. For the Aurora Highlands, it has a 75 score for overall livability which within this allots the reduction of crime with an A+ rating. It has a 5% lower rate in crime compared to other areas within Aurora. Other benefits of living here are the A+ amenities and employment opportunities. Schools have been given a ranking of A which is another enticement for parents to consider raising their children in this neighbourhood.

Aurora Estates

The housing to be found here includes many prestigious mansions along with beautiful landscaping and green space. All of which can be enjoyed due to a low crime rate. It is 80% lower than the national average. Families here can enjoy a whole array of amenities without having to be concerned about their safety. When it comes to school performance, collectively the schools in this neighbourhood are scoring 13% higher for school score tests for the province.

Bayview Southeast

This neighbourhood is not as residentially built up as some of the others within Aurora. There are sectors of beautiful homes that several residents have made home and are happy with their choice. One of the many aspects they enjoy about this area is the safety factors that come with a lower crime rate.  It has 53% lower crime compared to the rest of Aurora. Plus it is 82% lower in crime compared to the national average. Overall it has a 71% liveability rate and is a great place for safe employment as well as has access to top-notch schools.

Hills of St. Andrews

Another great neighbourhood situated in Aurora that is enjoying a lower crime rate. It has 40% fewer crimes compared to other neighbourhoods within the city. The 77% reduction in crime rate compared to the national average is further testament that this a safe neighbourhood to raise a family in or is one that is great for seniors and retirees. When a region has a great safety rating like this one does it means everything else that is being offered can be enjoyed to its fullest extent. This is something the residents here can take advantage of.

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