Duffins Bay

Duffins Bay is a great choice of neighbourhoods for those who want to live in Ajax. Overall it has an 83 score for livability. It has received an A+ rating for crime reduction and amenities. Schools are getting an A and employment opportunities a B+. Ajax overall has an excellent crime rating.  This community has a 35% less overall crime rate compared to the national standards. For this particular neighbourhood, the crime rate is a little higher than some of the other areas in this city. When it comes to the overall real estate prices this neighbourhood has a 20% lower average compared to other areas within Ajax. Something else that adds to the security of this region is that it is surrounded by neighbourhoods and cities that also enjoy lower crime rates.


Most homeowners want to live in an area that has a high liveability rating that includes a top rating for safety. Riverside in Ajax fits into this category by holding an 83 score for liveability. Then it has received A+ ratings for lower crime, higher employment, housing and an impressive B score for schools. When it comes to the crime rate it is scored as being 37% lower than other neighbourhoods in Ajax. It also has a 64% lessor total crime average compared to the national average. Safety can also be enjoyed when taking advantage of the many amenities that are available to this community such as for shopping and entertainment.

Westney Heights

This is a neighbourhood that has a lot to offer those who want a safe and growing neighbourhood to take up residence in. Overall it has a score of 89 for liveability which is very impressive. Although the crime rate is 8% higher for this neighbourhood compared to others in Ajax, this is a region that is scored as being a safe living environment overall. It has a 39% lower crime rate when compared to the national average. When it comes to other positive aspects about the neighbourhood it is rated as having a 12% lower cost for real estate. For renters wanting to live in this community not only will they enjoy its safe environment but will be subject to average rental rates compared to the rest of the neighbourhoods.

Carruthers Creek

For those seeking out neighbourhoods in Ajax that have racked up a lower score when it comes to the crime rate, Carruthers Creek will be one of the choices. It has a 7% lower rate for crime compared to the other neighbourhoods. For the national average for overall crime, it rates as being 47% lower. There are lots of amenities that are easily accessed by the residents here which also are situated in safe environments. There are some great schools to choose from that also provide safe environments. Then in addition to this, the area is surrounded by other safe neighbourhoods and cities such as Lawrence Park or Moore Park.

Memorial Village

This is a unique village that was first constructed to house the veterans of World War Two. The housing style is known as Victory Housing. It is a quaint neighbourhood that has character to it. Some of the benefits of buying in this neighbourhood is the cost of living is lower compared to other areas in Ajax.  When it comes to safety residents can feel secure here.  The neighbourhood holds a 32% less crime rate compared to the national average. This has earned it an A+ rating. With this being rated as a safe neighbourhood it means both residents and visitors can enjoy the many amenities that can be found here.


This is an Ajax neighbourhood that has a score of 84 for liveability. It has received A+ ratings for amenities crime, employment and schools. The only negative aspect of this area is that it is a little higher when it comes to the cost of living when compared to other areas in Ajax. The residents here enjoy 54% less crime in comparison with the national average. For rankings among all the neighbourhoods in Ajax, this neighbourhood holds the 4th position. For rankings in Ontario neighbourhoods, it holds the 281 position.

Clover Ridge

New homeowners that want to enjoy what Ajax has to offer can choose a neighbourhood like Clover Ridge to take up residence in. It is close to not only the downtown core of the city but the Ajax waterfront. It is a great first neighbourhood to buy a house in and one that is ideal for raising a family or for retiring. Safety is always an important factor for homebuyers and this is a neighbourhood that can provide the protection that families are looking for. The crime rate is 8% higher in this area compared to other neighbourhoods in Ajax but is still 39% lower than the national average. It has been given the 11th position for liveability neighbourhoods in this city.


Applecroft has an 83 score for liveability which places this neighbourhood in the 10th position for this in the city of Ajax. It is also rated A+ for amenities, crime, and employment. The safety standards for this neighbourhood is not only enjoyed through the safety of the residences but when using the wonderful green space that can be found here. The shopping amenities are also in a safe environment so residents and visitors can enjoy all that they have to offer.

Pickering Beach

While Ajax itself is considered to be a safe place to live, work and play some neighbourhoods have a higher rating for this than others. Pickering Beach is one of those that is high up the list for safe living. It is rated as having a 44% less crime rate compared to all the other neighbourhoods in this region.  It holds the 7th position for liveability in Ajax and the 382 position for all of Ontario. This neighbourhood has received A+s for amenities, crime rate, employment and housing. Then for schooling, it has been given a B+ score. Overall it has everything that any family would want for the ideal living environment.

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