The best real estate lead generation website in Canada is going to be the one that works best for each individual realtor. Every realtor will have their own business circumstances and the lead generator has to be able to accommodate this.

How Do Lead Generation Websites Work?

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Basically what these websites are going to do is perform many of the services that the real estate agent doesn’t have time for. Realtors can get caught up with time management issues. They need time to deal with the clients that are currently active. Time has to be set aside for administrative duties. Then they have to find time to generate new leads. When they can put this responsibility int the hands of a real estate lead generating company it can take a lot of stress off of the agent.

What these companies will do is take on the advertising needs of the agent. They are experts at creating ads and knowing which platforms are the best venues for placing these ads. The ads are constructed so as to push leads to a landing page that the agent has created. In some cases, the lead generator website will do this as a service. In order for this to work effectively most of these websites have to offer a CRM program so the leads flow through the sales funnel smoothly.

The Cost Factor


The costs for these lead generation services are going to vary, depending on the services being offered. There are different types of lead generations in the real estate industry. So the decision has to be made which ones are going to be focused on and these include:

  • Exclusive leads
  • Guaranteed leads
  • Prospecting leads
  • Seller leads
  • High volume buyer leads

It’s important to know which leads the realtor wants to go after if they are going to use a lead generation company. This is because the prices for this can really vary. For example, a lot of these companies will charge a lot more for exclusive leads that not only include the cost of the service but require a minimum ad budget. In some cases, this can range around $700 a month depending on what company is being used. Normally the cheapest leads will be $40 a month which is the prospecting leads.

How Do Lead Generation Companies Get Their Leads?

Every lead generation company will have their own techniques for generating leads. But they will have to be personalized based on the requirements of the realtor. They will all have different plans that they have designed for the services that they offer. For example, the plans may include:

Most of the major social media platforms will be ad targeted such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Ads
  • They will also retarget the customers from the realtor’s database
  • They will focus both on buyers and sellers
  • They will be geographically specific to the realtor’s areas

At first glance, a realtor may say they can do this themselves. Aside from the time constraints what has to be considered is the expertise that is required when it comes to running effective ads. Every platform where ads are run has a large collection of rules and regulations. Then using these platforms for the ad generation comes with a real learning curve. Having to learn several of them to take advantage of them all can be a daunting task. For this reason, it may be better to put the lead generation into the hands of the professionals.

Choosing The Right Company

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Once the decision has been made to go with a lead generation company then it’s a matter of choosing one and there is plenty to choose from. A realtor can begin by looking at some reviews of the more well-known companies. However, that doesn’t mean that the realtor should automatically choose the company that is in the #1 or #2 spot for this type of service.

For example, Atlantic Growth Solutions is rated as the second lead generator in Canada. But when you look at what they specialize in the list does not seem to include the real estate industry. So the realtor should question as to whether this would be the best choice for them.

Narrowing Down The Choices

By being specific and seeking out lead generators that specialize in the real estate industry it will bring better results to be able to do comparisons. However, as extra step realtors want to be sure that they are looking at lead generators that are specific to Canada. It is so easy to assume that the company being dealt with is in Canada when they are actually US orientated.

Additional Services

Additional services that some real estate lead generators will offer is assistance with setting up a website that is optimized for lead generation. A lot of emphases are put on search engine optimization when a realtor is setting up their website but it can also be optimized for lead generation as well which can be really effective.

Being Prepared

It is great that there are resources like this available but the realtor also has to be prepared to nurture those leads. Collecting them and letting them go stale is a waste of time and effort. This is why it is so critically important for real estate agents to be totally organized and really develop their time management skills. There are additional resources that can help with this.

What Can Happen Without Lead Generation

If a realtor doesn’t consistently stay involved with lead generation then there is a risk that there will be gaps in the flow of income. If the realtor leaves this task for in-between sales or purchases it can take weeks to close a lead. This can create a lot of financial stress on the realtor which can then play havoc on their performance. It is much better to have even a limited lead generation plan in place than not have any at all.

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