Anyone going into business knows that they are going to have to develop some marketing strategies. For real estate agents, they have to develop an entire set of strategies. This allows them to be able to decipher which ones are bringing the best results.

Marketing Challenges

Those who have their own small to mid-size real estate businesses have additional marketing challenges. Not only do they need to focus on strategy to reach their target market they must also market against the real estate conglomerates.

Setting Up For Impressions

The real estate is marketing themselves and therefore must make the right first impressions. This is done through a quality website. Not necessarily some expensive site that has to be done by professionals. But, once they have been able to create themselves through one of the many web building platforms. This realtor’s website must possess all the critical components that can be integrated with the marketing tactics like the SEO.



Setting up the website means having content that is going to draw people to it. While the niche itself will be the starting point the site has to provide valuable information to rank well in the search engines. This can be done by creating a blog and posting to it regularly.


Aside from advertising listings for clients, the realtor will need to advertise their services. This can be done through PPC ads including google and social media platforms.


Having a good social media presence is more important for the real estate industry compared to many of the others. This means the realtor must be setup on this and determine which one of these platforms is going to serve them best. The popular ones are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube

It is better to focus on one or two and do a consistent job with interaction then be on them all and do nothing.

Build Credibility

With the use of the website, blogging, and social medial interaction the realtor can build their credibility. Once trust is gained it is much easier to sell the services.

Email Marketing

Some may think that the email market has seen its day. People are sick of their inbox being full. However, they still look for value and with the right email marketing campaign, an agent can build a huge client list.

Lead Generation

Learning lead generation is something that every agent should do as part of their marketing strategies. There are many different processes that can be used for this. Lead generation is comprised of having special landing pages where prospects can be sent to. It gives the realtor a chance to promote whatever it is they want. This can be done for multiple campaigns, and lead generation should be ongoing.

The Right Tools

For marketing, there are many different types of tools such as software that can be used. With this niche having such a heavy emphasis on the use of photos the right tools for this is critical. property. While there is a lot of great phones for taking some decent images when it comes to listings it is still wise to rely on professional photographers. At least for the most important marketing campaigns.

Give Something Away


Internet users love to get something for free. Real Agents can create all kinds of giveaways. It can be something as simple as Guide for Getting Ready for Moving Day.


Real Estate agents can link up with some of the business directories like Yelp. They can then be asked to post a review. Traffic from here can be generated back to the realtor’s website.

Referral Program

Once the property deal is closed that doesn’t mean that is the end of that client. Or at least it shouldn’t be. An agent could use them as a referral network. Some types of bonuses could be given for referrals.


Real estate agents are involved in two sectors of marketing. They are marketing their services and then they have to market their client’s properties. Being creative in both will bring better success. For client marketing, it should go just beyond creating the ads for the listed properties. The marketing should create an atmosphere where the viewers of these campaigns become excited about what is being offered. Even if it’s not the property for them.

Press Release Marketing

Press releases are not just a tool of the Press. They serve the purpose of delivering newsworthy information. Beautiful home on the market can fit into this category. If there is something unique about it creating Press Releases online can be a great way to get the attention needed.

Don’t Forget About Off-Line

With the internet being such an amazing real estate marketing resource its easy to forget there are still opportunities off the web for marketing. An add running in the local papers or one running on the local radio promoting the best real estate services in the area is sure to generate some good leads for the realtor’s brand.

Avoiding A Common Real Estate Marketing Mistake


All of the tactics described here rely on different marketing tools for their effectiveness. For example for email marketing realtors need to find platforms that will allow them to deliver them. One like Mailchimp or Aweber. Then for Facebook, it means building a Facebook page.

All of these resources have software that needs to be learned. The mistake is to only half learn them. It is tempting to just learn those few things that are actually needed. However, the realtor is robbing themselves of the opportunity to make the most of these powerful tools. These tools have been created to bring success to those who use them to the best of their ability.


The marketing campaigns that real agents incorporation must be continuous and fresh. New ideas are continuing surfacing for marketing and the realtor needs to be sure they are keeping up with the times.


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